Johnny Depp suffered the rejection of his mother who left him alone living in a car

Johnny Depp he has not had an idyllic life. Although a few years ago he was one of the most admired and highest paid actors in Hollywood thanks to hits like Pirates of the Caribbean, his problems with alcohol and drugs have always surrounded him, not to mention his legal battle against Amber Heard for which the entire industry has turned their back on him. But before he faced these problems, and even long before he rose to fame, the actor from Eduardo Mannostieras had to face a very complicated childhood.

Depp, at the hearing of his trial with The Sun where he accused the British tabloid of defamation for calling him “Mistreatswives” In his coverage of his case against Amber Heard, he already mentioned that he started using drugs when he was only 11 years old, even going so far as to admit that just a few years later he had already tried all possible substances. In addition, it is well known that the actor left school with only 17 years to try his luck in the world of music, but what was unknown until now is that Depp had to cope with a harsh family abandonment.

Johnny Depp en el Deauville American Film Festival (Foto: Sylvain Lefevre / WireImage / Getty Images)

This was revealed by the Discovery + documentary series Johnny Depp v Amber Heard, which in his investigation of the case has come across some unpublished court documents from 1981 that indicate how after his parents’ divorce this he was abandoned by his mother figure, who established in writing that Depp at 16 was emancipated and self-sufficient. But we are talking about an age where it is practically impossible for a young man to find himself in that situation, much less a person with a history as tortuous as Johnny Depp.

“The wife hereby acknowledges that the youngest son of the parties, John C. Depp II, is fully emancipated and self-sufficient.”, could be read in the divorce document signed between Bette Sue Depp, the actor’s mother, and John Depp, his father, who ended their relationship in 1978 when he was only 15 years old.

This has been shown by Paul Barresi, one of the researchers who have been part of the documentary Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. “It goes without saying that, at 17, Johnny was not financially self-sufficient and far from emancipated. As for me, his mother disowned him at a time when, without a doubt, he needed her the most “, explains in the statements of the documentary collected by media Page Six. However, as Barresi points out, “There is no judicial record that he has been legally emancipated”.

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Barresi also echoes the relationship between family problems and the actor’s early addiction to drugs. “He said that since the age of 11 he has used all kinds of substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, prescription painkillers, opiates and magic mushrooms. His drug use, he said, was a way to escape family problems., he relates. And it is that Depp had no choice but to find a life on his own without any support.

The actor had to struggle to find jobs with a small music band called The Kids while working part-time as a telemarketer and living in Los Angeles in a car. Luckily, Hollywood opened its doors to him in 1984 as one of the main characters in Nightmare in Elm street, the famous slasher starring Robert Englund that marked the beginning of his rise to fame.

Johnny Depp had already spoken before about the toxic relationship he had with his mother figure in his childhood. “My mother was born in a bloody town in eastern Kentucky. At the age of 12, the poor girl was consuming phenobarbital “, admitted in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2018. In this meeting, he explained that “There were irrational beatings”, that she even threw “an ashtray or a telephone” at him and that his home was “a ghost house” in which “no one spoke”. And it is that his father, a civil engineer, was very absent and it was his mother, Betty Sue, who took care of the actor and his three brothers. Depp admits that he “adored” her, but “She could be macabre when she wanted to”. “My mother was perhaps the most evil human being I have ever met in my life”, clarified Depp.

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