Johnny Depp returns to the cinema after three years of an impasse on the sets

Jeanne Bécu’s impact on 18th-century France is such that she captivated even King Louis XV, Marie Antoinette’s father-in-law. Influential pimp Jean Du Barry took notice of her, gave her her last name, and helped establish her as a courtesan. An extensive pictorial record remained of her beauty, and of the fascination she aroused in the social and intellectual elite of the time, there is even a poem by Voltaire that, upon receiving two kisses in a letter, the intellectual wrote a text to her.

Centuries later, his story of social ascent, love and courtly world will be the framework for the return of Johnny Depp to the screen with Jean DuBarry. After three years away from acting, a period in which the pandemic and the media trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard converged, the actor will put on the clothes of the famous French monarch. The producer Why Not Productions released an image of Depp dressed as Louis XV blindfolded. The actor had not set foot on a film set since the shooting of Minamata, by Andrew Levitas, a film about war photographer W. Eugene Smith. The courtesan will be played by the film’s director, the French Maïwenn (Le Besco), who won the jury prize at Cannes 2011 for her film Polisse, and is responsible for an extensive filmography as an actress, screenwriter and director.

The female lead of the film is also the screenwriter and director.

to the throne The film generates a lot of expectation not only for seeing what the look of the director will be like, who co-wrote the film with Teddy Lussi-Modeste, but also for the exciting story of the courtesan, whose journey from a humble origin to the Palace of Versailles ended converging with the intimacy of the great-grandson of Louis XIV, who was nicknamed the Well Beloved as a child. After a measles epidemic killed his father, his mother, his brother and his grandfather, at the age of five, Louis XV – who will play Depp – was first in line to succeed and inherited the throne from his great-grandfather. France, around which a Regency council led by Philip, Duke of Orleans, was formed until he came of age. Louis XV had the longest reign in the history of France: 59 years. Jean Du Barry was his last official mistress. This film, which marks the return of Johnny Depp, does not have a release date, but it is estimated that it will be ready to be released probably in Cannes.

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Johnny Depp returns to the cinema after three years of an impasse on the sets