Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will have a movie about their trial

Recently, it has been revealed that the iconic and controversial judgment of Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard will be brought to the big screen with a movie that can be seen very soon, so we will let you know the details.

After becoming one of the most mediated trials in recent years, the legal battle between Depp and Heard was made into a movie format.

Although the public remains doubtful of the narrative quality that “Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial” can offer, the platform Tubi has pointed out that this film is more than ready to be released and offer a neutral view of how one of the most historic cases in history was experienced. Hollywood.

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It is there where the mediatic and scandalous trial between the actress Amber Heard and the actor Johnny Depp.

In this way, having Sarah Lohmann As director of this film, Tubi surprised by revealing, a few weeks after the trial ended, that she was already preparing an adaptation to explore the key moments of the legal battle between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

This undoubtedly generated some doubts about the haste of taking up this story to take it to the screen and that it seemed only to be an attempt to gain an audience in the face of the media and profitable that the trial turned out for the media as it was televised publicly.

It’s capturing a timely version of a story that became part of the cultural ethos, painting a unique picture of what millions saw in the headlines over the summer,” said Adam Lewinson.

It should be noted that he is the content director of Tubi, and there he explains the reasons for this project that has been co-produced with MarVista Entertainment and Fox, with a script by Guy Nicolucci.

Through some media it was confirmed who will embody the protagonists of the aforementioned trial, announcing that Mark Hapka will be responsible for playing Johnny Depp, while Megan Davis will play Amber Heard.

However, it is important to mention that not only the protagonists, the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the star of “Aquaman” will be brought to the screen in this version, since it was also announced that the lawyers of each actor will be present in the history.

In this case, Melissa Marty was assigned to be Camille Vasquez, Johnny’s advocate, while Mary Carrig will take on the role of Elaine Bredehoft, Amber’s attorney.

It should be noted that the premiere is scheduled for next September 30 and will be in the Fox’s Tubi affiliate, where it will be shared in its streaming format for subscribers.

Although at the moment it is not known if the film will be available in Latin America, it is a fact that its projection will begin for the United States audience.

After ruling mostly in favor of Johnny Depp, considering that sufficient and concrete evidence was not shown to consider that he violated Amber Heard as she accused him, rumors and theories quickly arose about possible adaptations of the trial or the stormy marriage in which there were physical and emotional aggressions from both parties.

Tubi was one of the first platforms to confirm that the trial would be taken up again to bring it to the screen through a “fictionalized” narrative by using actors to bring the protagonists of the trial to life.

However, the critics did not wait when it was considered that although the televised hearings culminated.

And it is that the case itself was not completely resolved before the legal resources that Amber would undertake to avoid paying Johnny the jury mandate and that even, at that time, it was possible that he would appeal to a new trial to reverse the sentence and clean your image.

During her stay in court, she argued that Depp’s team established a digital strategy to harass her on social networks and manipulate the arguments presented in her favor, so the trial would not have been neutral in order to affect personal and professional development. from Amber.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will have a movie about their trial