‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ delays its premiere to 2023 and releases a trailer

Keanu Reeves just released The Matrix Resurrections in cinemas -whose criticism tennis here-, but he has been very active in the last few months shooting John Wick: Chapter 4 the film that was to continue the story of the mercenary in his particular world of alliances between assassins, millennial orders and gangsters. Planned for May 2022, Lionsgate has confirmed that it will finally be released in theaters next and far March 24, 2023. To compensate, a kind of thriller quite particular that we offer them below.

A quarter of John Wick be late but expand your universe

Reeves has been, little by little, consolidating around the character of John Wick in recent years. It’s about the story of A retired hitman who returns to the hidden and twisted world of the assassins when someone comes for their beloved dog. Episodes of the new action genre that emerged from the first installment – which has changed the landscape forever in the film industry – John Wick films have increased its cast and they have prepared spinoff and series of all kinds.

Beyond ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ we have numerous series, spinoff and derivative products of this universe

Lionsgate’s teaser for the new release date features operators working on their phones and opening a file on John Wick, typing on his computers classic which, unfortunately, John Wick: Captulo 4 will address us in 2023 with a message of “See ya” at the end. her. Why has it been delayed? We are in an uncertain landscape when it comes to movie theaters and release dates, with new waves of coronavirus and constant changes in legislation. In addition, in one way or another, 2022 has been filled with high-profile films in the summer months. Perhaps they have decided to wait a bit and release the long-awaited film on more auspicious dates.

Beyond the fourth installment, and the aforementioned spinoff, we know that The ContinentalStarz, the prequel miniseries set in the world of John Wick, is also on the way, and will star Colin Woodell y Mel Gibson.

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‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ delays its premiere to 2023 and releases a trailer