JJ Abrams agrees that ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ lacked a plan

JJ Abrams already has more than thirty years of career linked to audiovisual projects. Although his name may be familiar to movie fans from his work with the franchise Star wars, his profile resonated strongly on television due to the series Lost. His career is marked by having been in different layers of the industry, something that suggests information about his passion and that nurtures his reflections in relation to his work.

Part of that let him know to the portal Collider during a short interview. In it he reflected on the franchise Star wars. Although he did not go into very specific aspects, he did delve into project management. According to the aforementioned information outlet, JJ Abrams did not imagine that he would direct more than one episode of Lto Star Wars. However, he directed The awakening of the force Y The rise of Skywalker.

Between both projects there are more than narrative differences. Star Wars: The awakening of the force was one that JJ Abrams was able to handle all along, along with Lawrence Kasdan Y Michael Arndt. Instead, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker It was a production that, in its initial stage, was developed by Colin trevorrow.

JJ Abrams: “You have to plan things the best you can”

When Colin Trevorrow does not continue with the ideas of The rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm go back to JJ Abrams. The film director was already related to the production company and could take on the project. But, by taking it with some established foundations, its range of action was limited. I bear this in mind in this, and in connection with the question posed by Collider On whether their participation from the beginning would have influenced the end result, he said: “The lesson is that you have to plan things the best you can.”

Considering his work for television, JJ Abrams added: “You always need to be able to respond to the unexpected. That can come in all kinds of ways. However, I think there is nothing more important than knowing where you are going. Going deeper, the director explained to Collider: “I have learned, in some cases the hard way, that having a plan is the most important thing. Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re putting together, you don’t know what to emphasize ”.

At present, away from the projects of Star wars and Lucasfilm, JJ Abrams works on the film adaptation of the video game Portal from Valve. The production is one of the most anticipated within the seventh art-video game relationship. On statements given to IGNHe stated: “We have a script that is being written for Porta’s film. We’re excited about the shot and the release, so it looks like he’s on the rails ”with the production of Warner Bros.