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The most recent Star Wars trilogy divided fans of the series. The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi Y The Rise of Skywalker they have elements that try to create a uniform narrative. However, the end result was not what was expected, neither for Disney nor for the public. In this way, JJ Abrams, who directed Episode VII Y IX, he admitted that the approach was not the correct one, and a concrete plan would have been the correct path.

As you know, Episode VII, VIII Y IX they were planned to be a response to the events of their predecessors. Namely, The last jedi responded to the events of The force awakens, Y The Rise of Skywalker did the same with The last jedi. In this way, each director and writer involved had enough space to expand the Star Wars universe and continue with the themes and characters in their own way. Although in theory this sounds interesting, the practice proved to be ineffective.

Thus, in a recent talk with Collider on the tenth anniversary of Super 8, JJ Abrams talked about the mistakes that were made in the most recent Star Wars movies, noting that the right way was to have a plan in place from the beginning. This was what he commented:

“There are projects that I have worked on where we had some ideas but we had not worked on them enough, sometimes we had some ideas but then we were not allowed to do them the way we wanted. I’ve had all kinds of situations where you plan things a certain way and suddenly you find yourself doing something that is 180 degrees different, and then sometimes it works really well and you feel like, ‘Wow, that really came together’ and others. Sometimes you think, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is where we are,’ and sometimes when it’s not working it’s because it’s what you planned, and other times when it’s not working it’s because it’s not [tuviste un plan].

You never really know, but I’ve learned that having a plan, in some cases the hard way, is the most important thing, because otherwise you don’t know what you’re setting up. “

At the end of the day, the mixed reception seems to have killed interest in the movie world of Star Wars. However, this led to the Disney + projects not having the pressure to continue with the adventures of the Skywalkers, and gave them the opportunity to explore other corners of this universe.

Via: Collider

JJ Abrams admits that his approach to Star Wars was

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