Jeremy, the adult film actor is denounced for sexual abuse of at least 21 women

Los Angeles.- At least 21 women, they denounced the adult film actor Rom Jeremy, who allegedly used his fame to meet and often isolate women from whom he sexually abused.

The way he committed the abuses JeremyAccording to his victims, it was by luring them by offering to show them the kitchen where a restaurant that prepared its famous pizzas or by telling them that he knew a bathroom that they could use after the closing of the services for clients when the place began to close.

He followed them into the small space, closed the door and took advantage of its considerable size to prevent them from leaving, and then committed another kind of sexual assault according to the statements of several women.

Several said that Jeremy He asked them to write a note about their experience on a napkin or piece of paper, in what prosecutors described as an attempt to gather evidence of consent after the episode. Women, under pressure and wanting to leave, they often gave in.

Jeremy he also gave cash to some victims after the attacks for similar reasons, according to prosecutors.

However, Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, as is his real name, has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of sexual assault, including 12 counts of rape, when the Los Angeles County investigatory jury resumed proceedings against him on Aug. 25.

The 68-year-old man, has been in prison since his arrest in June 2020. His attorney, Stuart Goldfarb, has said he is “innocent of all charges” and that he will prove it. Goldfarb did not initially respond to an email requesting further comment.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we had a photo and autograph of her?” Said a woman, identified as Jane Doe 8, who recalled telling her friend in 2013 when they saw her. Jeremy in a West Hollywood bar and restaurant. A few minutes later, he assaulted her, she said. Several women reported having seizures in the same small bathroom.

“It was like, wow, you know, this is Ron Jeremy, I mean, I was impressed in a way. He is, I don’t want to say ‘a celebrity’, but you know, he was a little bit, “said another woman, Jane Doe 7, when Jeremy knocked on the door of a hotel room in Hollywood that she shared with friends and where the porn actor abused her shortly after, according to her testimony.

Jeremy, nicknamed “The Hedgehog” (“The Hedgehog”), He was for decades one of the most well-known and prolific performers in the porn industry and became a recognizable character in popular culture through reality shows, public appearances, and music videos. For years he attracted people asking for autographs or taking photos with him, the way he met most of the women and girls, between 15 and 51 years old, whom he is accused of assaulting.

Many women described how Jeremy used the same methods in the same places. He was a regular at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Street in West Hollywood, where he was allowed to use the staff restroom.

“He’s a celebrity and he’s known for having sex with people on camera for money,” said Jane Doe, 7 who like many of the victims did not report the attack until many years later, following Jeremy’s arrest last year. “I thought there was no way someone would believe me, and I just wanted to get out of there and forget about all that.”

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