Jenna Ortega becomes the favorite to play this beloved X-Men character

There are actors you don’t imagine in a role until you see them in action, and now that Marvel is considering letting the X-Men into the MCU, the Saturday Night Live sketch show couldn’t have picked a better time. To prove how well Jenna Ortega’s white lock of mischief looks.

During the program in which the actress was the star guest, Ortega participated in a fun sketch in which they parodied the classic American contests in which two institutes face each other in a competition with Trivial questions. AND Ortega’s institute was none other than the Xavier School for Gifted Youth.

And Wednesday’s actress was none other than Rogue, the powerful mutant with trouble controlling her powers. A very entertaining performance that has also served to demonstrate how good the actress is at playing one of the most beloved mutants for comic book fans.

So, as has happened on other occasions, for example with John Krasinski to play Mister Fantastic, The internet has already applied to the side of Jenna Ortega and the campaign for the Wednesday actress to become Rogue in upcoming Marvel Studios projects has already begun.

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Jenna always bets on terror

Although he is still very young and has a long way to go in his career, it is clear that Jenna Ortega feels very comfortable being scaredor, well, the vast majority of the titles he has starred in are from the horror genre. Without going any further, the actress has just released the new Scream movie in theaters.

In addition, in recent statements he has assured that in the second season of Wednesday he would not like to see more romances but more terror. Do you think that Jenna Ortega can fit into the mutant universe of Marvel?

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Jenna Ortega becomes the favorite to play this beloved X-Men character