Jeffrey Dahmer’s father plans to sue Netflix

Lionel Dahmer, the father of the protagonist of the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, plans to sue the platform.

Dahmer.Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered on September 21 in Netflix. From there, the series became a trend on the platform, in the networks and in the public. With a Evan Peters excellent, the production is listed as one of the best True Crime of recent years.

Your Creator, Ryan Murphyis also behind the series of the moment in the red N: The vigilant. After the success of his first production, the second also exploded in streaming. Dahmer’s impact was so great, that several pages decided to prohibit the sale of the costume of the protagonist for Halloween.

And not only one family of the victims of the Milwaukee butcher was furious with Netflixbut also Lionel Dahmer, the murderer’s own father. Lionel plans to sue the streaming platform for emotional damage and harassment of fans towards him.

What did the murderer’s father say?

At 86 years old, Lionel Dahmer has a quiet life in Ohio. But, after seeing the miniseries based on his son and also the documentary ‘Conversations with a killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer tapes’, he had a nervous breakdown. In addition, the presence of fans on his property forced him to put “no trespassing” signs on it.

Lionel’s environment revealed to the newspaper The Sun: From all that I have personally seen and witnessed, Lionel was not contacted for any of these Netflix shows. He has personally spoken to some lawyers and we have also spoken to his publisher about it because of the chaos that is going on and the stories that we have seen.”.

Lionel and his agent are collecting information and studying a possible lawsuit against the production team and against Netflix. There was no care at all about his well-being”, Dahmer’s attorney said.

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s father plans to sue Netflix