Jason Blum: ‘I think I’ve produced the scariest movie of my entire career’

Jason blum He is one of the most important and influential figures in Hollywood today. Responsible of Blumhouse, the production company that most hits the horror genre has given us in recent times, Blum has chosen wisely which projects to finance what wars get rid of. Now, after the results offered by the Science of Scare Project, who chose Sinester like the scariest movie ever, The producer confirms that Scott Derrickson’s new project will be even scarier.

The scariest movie ever made

Sinester are premiered in 2012, becoming a modern classic and elevating Scott Derrickson to the creative Olympus of the film mecca, opening multiple doors and leading him to direct Dr. Strange for Marvel Studios. Although he abandoned the sequel for creative reasons, allowing Sam Raimi to get to the projectDerrickson has been mulling over where his next big movie was going. Y as presses The Black Phone which adapts a story by Joe Hill.

To film it, he has teamed up again with Blumhouse, reinforcing the links between the filmmaker and the producer. We were talking about an expected and desired film, but its presentation in the CinemaCon It seems that expectations have risen considerably. The event was screened for several minutes exclusively, with an interview with Jason Blume, head of the aforementioned production company, confirming that they were about to see one of the most terrifying pieces ever filmed. “I promise you this is the scariest movie I have ever worked on.” commented the also producer of Sinister in advance I issue at the exclusive fair.

Derrickson and his regular collaborator, the screenwriter and writer Robert Cargill (Bermuda, Doctor Strange, Sinister) announced that they were adapting the Joe Hill short story for film. What is it about? Well, Hill’s tale tells us how a child woke up in a soundproof cellar, discovering that he had been kidnapped. He soon discovers a phone with which he can communicate with previous victimss of his captor, a role to play Ethan Hawke. Those voices, coming from a old phone disconnected, help him escape captivity and his disturbing kidnapper.

“I promise you this is the scariest movie I have ever worked on.”

Mason Thames (For All Mankind) and Madeleine McGraw (Toy Story 4) will be the protagonists of this new film, which also will have the participation of Joe Hill himself as executive producer, author of the original story on which the film is based. “Scott thinks it’s his best movie. I’m a huge fan of his work, I really like all of his movies and I loved it. Sinister, but without a doubt this is one of his best films. Maybe the best thing he’s ever done“, the producer remarked a few months ago. The Black Phone I will premiere the January 28, 2022 in the United States (in Spain it does not yet have a date).