Jamie Lee Curtis cries when she understands in the middle of an interview why she loves her wrinkles so much

Jamie Lee Curtis at the premiere of her movie “Halloween Ends” in Los Angeles, California (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

There is no doubt that Jamie Lee Curtis she has become a warrior against the fake, starting with “fake youth” and the perfect life. “Everything they sell us today is fake, it has been either injected or leaked. They tell us it’s reality, but it’s all a trap.”

This was affirmed with intensity during an interview with Yahoo Life and Style, in which we talk a little about everything. From his most recent trip to Mexico, his daughters and how little one knows in adolescence about who one is or even wants to be. But the most interesting thing was being able to gift this woman with a comment that revealed something important about herself.

Say goodbye to Halloween

The idea was to talk about his new movie ‘Halloween Ends’, in which Curtis reprises her iconic role as Laurie Strode one last time. Since she played it for the first time in 1978, the artist has carried with her the terror of this woman who in seven films has faced the representation of pure evil, the murderer Michael Myers.

“That first movie we did in 20 days (in 1978) on a ridiculous budget. It felt like a student project,” he said. Jamie Lee Curtis at Yahoo Life and Style. “We never, ever thought it was going to become iconic. Never. We didn’t even know if anyone was going to see it.”

Jamie Lee Curtis with Michael Myers in a scene from

Jamie Lee Curtis with Michael Myers in a scene from “Halloween H2O.” Courtesy Miramax

The story tells itself. The Halloween saga is not only adored by millions of fans worldwide, but it also spawned the ‘slasher’ subgenre in the world of horror movies. Curtis assures that the closure of these films has been done “in an incredible way”, starting with the treatment given to her character Laurie Strode, who in the previous film ‘Halloween Kills’ lost her daughter at the hands of Michael Myers.

“David Gordon (the director of ‘Halloween Ends’) gave Laurie the chance to heal in a way she didn’t have in the first movie. That’s why, although only a year has passed between the last two movies, in fiction four have passed. Now we see her with her grief worked. In fact, in the first scenes, Laurie Strodes smiles! “said Curtis, who is an executive producer of the film.

Obviously that smile is short-lived because, as young actors Andi Matichak and Rohan Campbell told us, “This is the bloodiest, most action-packed Halloween movie ever.”

The Lessons of Jamie Lee Curtis

Matichak again plays the granddaughter of Laurie Strodes in ‘Halloween’s Final Night’ and acknowledged that working with Curtis has been “transformational”. “Every time I feel like I’m not paying attention to what I’m going through, I hear his voice in my head saying, ‘This is important. This is your life. Look at what’s around you.’ He used to tell me that in the set when I looked clueless and it’s something that I know will be with me forever.

Young people say that the actress gives her advice with the same emphatic and emotional firmness that she broadcasts on social networks and with which she gives her answers in interviews. It is clear that at 63 years old, the artist has no patience for nonsense, much less for hate. She comes from the mouth of those who have attacked her transgender daughter or if she is someone famous like Kanye West and his anti-Semitic statements, Jamie Lee Curtis loses his mind. “You can’t be an accomplice when you have received so much from life,” she said.

Gray hair and wrinkles

I know what I stand for, but it’s not like I get up in the morning and say to myself, ‘hello queen, put on the crown.’ I’m not that kind of person. I strive to participate in the human species, to live like anyone else, “she assured.

That philosophy comes from gratitude. He knows that from the cradle he has had privileges that most of the planet does not enjoy. His parents are Hollywood icons Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Her upbringing prepared her to function in show business “in disbelief.”

Surprisingly, her passion for her wrinkles and gray hair has a source that she herself had not grasped until we talked.

He was telling me how when he made the first ‘Halloween’ movie, “I had no idea who I wanted to be, starting with what to look like.” Until he saw a picture taken by a photographer named Tom Jardin of the model, actress and photographer Berry Benson. “I saw her and I realized that this was the energy and the confidence that I wanted to have,” she said.

Berry Berenson in 1973 in New York City (Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Berry Berenson in 1973 in New York City (Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

But it was only during our talk that he realized that his outrage with society’s efforts to eradicate wrinkles, gray hair and everything that has to do with living old age as a problem, instead of as a privilege, is part of how Berenson died. The artist was on the plane that the 9/11 terrorists crashed into the Pentagon. “She was coming back from Boston, where she had dropped one of her sons off at college.

“Could it be that you honor the passage of time because she didn’t have the opportunity to live her third age?” I asked. The answer was, after a silence and a surprised “Oh WOW!”, “I hope so”. You can see the emotional moment from minute 3:12 in the video below:


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Jamie Lee Curtis cries when she understands in the middle of an interview why she loves her wrinkles so much