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A few days ago the names of the actors who will play Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Superman: Legacy, one of the following and very ambitious DC Studios productions by James Gunn. This cinematographic universe will have the opportunity to renew itself with a new adaptation of the Man of Steel, the well-known hero of the publishing house that has inspired millions for many decades, becoming one of the great centers of pop culture. Everyone has their expectations of the film, however, James solves all doubts about something particular: the origin story of Superman will not be shown.

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With the Twitter uproar caused by Elon Musk In recent days, many Internet users have chosen to search for alternative social networks. In previous months, the South African tycoon had caused headaches among those who use his platform, so many of them turned to options like Mastodon and Bluesky to continue their interactions on the web; James Gunn was one of them. Now, through Bluesky, the director responds to an interesting request from a fan, who asks to see Clark’s origin story seen in all star superman.

Please use the two introductory pages of All-Star Superman as the origin story for the movie.

I think by this point we’ve seen enough of his origin story.

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all star superman is a comic that has left a significant impact on the genre and on comic book fans in general. Written by Grant Morrison and with illustrations of Frank Quitely, the story presents a unique and powerful version of the Man of Steel. Published between 2005 and 2008, it stands out for its emotional and poetic narrative, exploring themes such as mortality, redemption and sacrifice. all star superman redefines the character of Superman by showing his most human and vulnerable side, while highlighting his power and inspiring role in the world. Through masterful storytelling and stunning art, the comic leaves a lasting impression on readers, reminding them of the importance of hope and heroism in a world full of challenges.

James Gunn he has all the qualities necessary to direct a successful Superman movie; his ability to balance the right tone between humor and action has been demonstrated in his acclaimed movies Guardians of the Galaxy. Furthermore, his experience in the superhero genre and his ability to develop complex characters would allow him to approach the duality of the iconic Man of Steel in a fresh and exciting way. With his distinctive visual style and his talent for telling compelling stories, James will be able to offer an innovative vision of Superman that would resonate with both loyal fans and new audiences, thus ensuring the success of the film.

Developing a new Superman movie will not be an easy task. Henry Cavill set the bar very high with his portrayal as the Man of Steel, so David Corenswet will have to give himself body and soul to live up to the hype. Curiously, the choice of the young actor has been well received by fans, who have not stopped talking about the subject on social networks. Similarly, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane has been a hit with the public. Both actors carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders, with Superman: Legacy committed to being just what audiences expect.

A new era is about to begin for DC Studios in charge of James Gunn. The director has incredible plans for many of the publishing house’s most famous characters and Superman: Legacy it is only the beginning . Will we see the next universe become a worthy rival to the giant Marvel Studios?

Superman: Legacy It will hit theaters on July 11, 2025, a long wait that will surely pay off.

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James Gunn says Superman: Legacy will not retell the character’s origin story | tomatoes