James Gunn reveals his favorite Marvel movie and which superheroes would break the Avengers’ face

It’s giving us great headlines last interview by James Gunn. He head of DC Studios He hasn’t shyed away when it comes to analyzing the superhero movie industry, nor does he have any qualms about dealing with his traumatic firing from Disney.

The filmmaker has been asked about his favorite movie of all those related to Marvel and the truth is that he has had to make distinctions. He has divided between the UCM and Marvel in general, rectifying even mid-speech until ruling.

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“My favorite MCU movie is Iron Man. I think it’s an incredibly cool movie. But my favorite Marvel movie is probably Deadpool. Well, actually, no, my favorite Marvel movie is [Spider-Man] Into the Spider-Verse”

We see that there are patterns that unite this trio of films. We are talking about films with a lot of humor, risky and that go beyond the usual standard of the Disney factory with the superhero genre. However, Gunn has also answered the vital question of who would be capable of breaking the noses of the Avengers and he has no doubts about it.

“Listen, I always thought the Guardians of the Galaxy would easily beat the Avengers. They’re just from outer space. They have pretty advanced technology, so it would be hard to beat them.”

It is very true that the group led by Star Lord is very difficult to beat, but we are talking about the mightiest heroes on Earth. Vision, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and many others make a fearsome grouping. In any case, that question will go unanswered on movie screens.

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James Gunn reveals his favorite Marvel movie and which superheroes would break the Avengers’ face