James Franco pays $ 2 million to resolve his sexual abuse complaint

James Franco is back at the trigger. In October 2019, two women who were students of his acting classes denounced the actor and accused him of taking sexual advantage of them. The lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles court and it was alleged that there was “an atmosphere of harassment and sexual exploitation“. Tither-Kaplan, as he had already stated in the ‘Los Angeles Times’ article, he specified in the lawsuit the alleged filming of an orgy in which Franco simulated oral sex on women. According to the prosecution’s account, Franco removed the plastic protections that covered the women’s vaginas before simulating said oral sex. This Thursday, his lawyers have agreed to pay $ 2.235 billion to settle that lawsuit, which also alleged his pressure on female students to perform increasingly explicit sex scenes in front of the camera. Details of the deal, which has been submitted to a Los Angeles judge for approval, were released Wednesday.

James Franco, en una escena de ‘Don’t come back from the moon’. (Cordon Press)

In 2017, Franco went from savoring the honeys of success with a comedy actor award at the Golden Globes 2018 for ‘The Disaster Artist’ to be a ‘sucker’ in the industry. That year a few days after the award, he stayed home after winning the same award at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The reason for his absence was more than obvious: that same week, three actresses had already accused him of having sexually harassed them.

It was of no use that the actor categorically denied said accusations or tried to give explanations. His lawyer was in charge of conveying that the statements were not accurate and that his client does not know “what they are talking about” the girls. He himself also sold his friendliest face in several ‘talk shows’ broadcast within that crazy and sometimes sterile campaign that usually accompanies the celebration of the Oscar.

Although he spent two years acting in the series ‘The Deuce’, the actor has been on tiptoe for a long time at public events. ‘The Disaster Artist’, the movie he directed and starred in in 2017, a kind of ‘Ed Wood’ in which the love for cinema is shown through the inspired biography of Tommy Wiseau, author of the disastrous (and wonderful) ‘The Room’, was her spoiled child. After winning the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Festival, Franco he saw his film become one of the bombs of the year and a more than sure candidate for the Academy Awards.

However, Hollywood does not forgive. And even less since the scandal of Harvey Weinstein, which has caused harassment rumors to spread like wildfire and have a ripple effect that threatens to sink several figures in the film industry.

Actor James Franco, on the program ‘The Late Show’.

Surely that was the reason that Franco He would rather not attend a ceremony (the one in 2019) in which he was going to have to do with the staff of his colleagues and, probably, with the appearance of more virulent accusations on social networks. What was said about him two years ago was as ugly as the latest accusations. The actress’s phrase Violet Paley, for example, it was devastating. “I was talking to him and all of a sudden his penis was out,” he said.

Faced with these types of accusations, those of those others who defend him and believe in him also appeared. David Simon, for example, assured that he has “no complaints or worrisome incidents that have to do with Mr. Franco.” Simon, one of the great creators in the history of television, has directed it in ‘The Deuce’ and he only has good words for the actor-director.

“Personally, I can only speak knowingly about ‘The Deuce’. I have consulted with all my fellow producers and other personnel. We have no whistleblowers or complaints or knowledge of any incident of concern involving the Mr. Franco. Nor has HBO been approached with any complaints. In our experience, he was completely professional as an actor, director and producer, ”he said.

In recent years, Hollywood It is divided between those who strongly support the denunciation of cases of harassment and those who think that the network is turning into a ‘witch hunt’. Cases like that of Franco might remind you of the communist paranoia that wrecked the careers of Chaplin and so many others. The issue is thorny enough to keep it going for much longer. Too many for one James Franco that he already lost an Oscar that seemed to be his.