James Cameron reacts to the tragedy of the OceanGate submarine that descended to the Titanic

The three-time Oscar-winning director, James Cameron, shared his point of view on the recent tragedy of the OceanGate submarine that descended on the Titanic, assuring that it is a “surreal” event.

In recent days, the entire world has been attentive to the disappearance of the experimental submarine of the OceanGate Expeditions company, after confirming its disappearance and with the passing of hours, the tragic outcome for the three tourists and two crew members of the submersible. This afternoon, James Cameronthree-time Oscar-winning filmmaker and filmmaker titanicshared his opinion regarding this unfortunate event.

I am struck by the similarity to the Titanic disaster itself, in which the captain was repeatedly warned of the ice ahead of his ship, yet sped off into an ice field. on a moonless night and many people died as a result,” James Cameron told ABC Newswho has descended on dozens of occasions to the remains of the ship that sank in 1912.


It is a very similar tragedy in the same place. It’s amazing and really surreal.

In the same conversation, the also director of Avatar 2 and Terminator, known for his experience as a diver, assured that the community specialized in marine descents repeatedly demonstrated its concern and externalized it to the company OceanGate Expeditions.

“Many people in the community were concerned about this submarine and they even wrote letters to the company saying that what they were doing was too experimental and needed to be certified.”, assured the filmmaker.

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According to information from multiple international media, the experimental submersible known as Titan, was carrying OceanGate founder Stockton Rush, British businessman Hamish Harding, Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood. In addition to the French pilot Paul-Henri Nargeolet.

About this information, James Cameron claimed to have had a friendly relationship with Nargeolet and learning about the tragic outcome now that the first reports pointing to the death of the five people have emerged, was a moment that has shocked him.

“Paul-Henri Nargeolet, the legendary French driver, is a friend of mine. It’s a very small community; I’ve known him for 25 years. That he died a tragic death in this way is almost impossible to process.Cameron said.

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James Cameron reacts to the tragedy of the OceanGate submarine that descended to the Titanic