James Cameron panics about the advancement of AI and a ‘Terminator’ future: “I warned you in 1984 and…”

There are many people who are especially concerned about the advancement of technology and wonder how it will affect the society of the future. Recently, James Cameron has evaluated the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and he considers that the idea that led him to write a ‘Terminator’ movie was not so far-fetched.

Released in 1984, it is a science fiction film that is located in the city of Los Angeles in the year 2029. The machines have taken control of the world and John Connor is the leader of the rebels who fight against them. To put an end to the rebellion, the machines send a robot, Terminator, back in time, whose mission is to kill Sarah Connor, John’s mother, and thus prevent her birth.

The future of AI according to James Cameron

James Cameron He has spoken about AI in ‘CTV News’ and has been very clear about it: «I warned you in 1984, guys and nobody listened to me. I think the militarization of AI is the biggest danger. I think we’ll get into the equivalent of a nuclear arms race with AI, and if we don’t build it, the other guys will surely build it, and then the problem will escalate.”

He adds: “Personally, I don’t think that a disembodied mind that just regurgitates what other minds have said, about the life they’ve had, about love, about lying, about fear, about mortality, and just putting it all together in a word salad and then regurgitating it… I don’t think I have something that is going to move the audience. Let’s wait 20 years, and if an AI wins an Oscar for Best Screenplay, I think we have to take it seriously.”

Traits of humans that are impossible for AI

There are a number of traits of the human race that cannot be transferred to AIAt least with today’s existing technology.

One of it is the spontaneous generation of knowledge and actions. A person can create a story or a thought completely spontaneously, but there is no AI capable of doing it. Therefore, improvising will continue to be a human privilege.

Another characteristic of humans is ethics, understanding as the discernment between good and evil. The machines are not good or bad, but effective. They do what they are told and what they were programmed to do. However, some experts consider that this is not entirely the case, since ethics can be programmed.

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James Cameron panics about the advancement of AI and a ‘Terminator’ future: “I warned you in 1984 and…”