James Cameron charges against Marvel and DC cinema: “His characters look like high school”

At the start of the promotional tour of Avatar: The sense of water, james cameron gave an interview to the newspaper New York Times in which he criticized the Lack of maturity that, in his opinion, have the protagonists of the films of Marvel Y DC.

“When I see all those big, spectacular movies, I mean Marvel and DC, no matter how big their characters are, everyone acts like they’re in high school,” assured the veteran filmmaker.

According to Cameron, the protagonists of these franchises “they have relationships, but not really” and “they never hang up their spurs for their children.”

“The things that really ground us and give us power and love and purpose? Those characters don’t experience it, and I think That’s not the way to make movies.” he added.

Cameron made this comment after explaining that the plot of the sequel to Avatar takes place 15 years after the original story with the characters of Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña being parents and limiting himself much more when it comes to taking risks.

“As a father of five children I say: what happens when all those characters mature and realize that they have another responsibility beyond their survival?

In another of his answers, the director of films like titanica (1997) and terminator (1984) also boasted that much of the scenes in his new film have been shot underwater, While other films like Aquaman or the new version of The little Mermaid they have resorted to technological advances to avoid submerging.

“If you want to make it look like people are underwater, then they have to be underwater. If you were doing a western You would be learning to ride a horse.

Avatar: The Water Sense hits theaters around the world Nov. 16 as the sequel to Avatar, still considered the highest grossing film in history since its premiere in 2009.

Cameron is not the first filmmaker to publicly show his disenchantment with superhero movies. A few years ago, Martin Scorsese aroused a heated debate after considering that the Marvel movies were closer to being “a theme park” than being cinema, understood as artistic expression.

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James Cameron charges against Marvel and DC cinema: “His characters look like high school”