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Tom Holland He is one of the most acclaimed actors right now after the successful premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92%. Although the interpreter has been giving life to the superhero for several years, this third installment was the one that convinced most of the public that his version was the right one for the UCM. The closure allowed him to give a new beginning to the character and at the same time he was able to show his abilities in front of the camera. While debating his possible return and possible Spider-Man change, Holland will have to prioritize finding new projects that will keep him as one of the audience’s favorites and a new franchise would be ideal. Not long ago there was talk about the possibility of having him as James Bond and it seems that he took note of it, although things did not go very well.

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James Bond is one of the most famous people in the world. Several actors have fought to keep the role, as it is very significant especially for the British, where it is a representative figure and part of the general culture. As always happens with these types of roles, Bond has changed over the years to adapt to new generations and new social contexts. The most recent version was one of the most successful. Daniel Craig took it upon himself to give the spy a new face, and most of the titles in his franchise are considered high-quality.

With No time to die – 83%, Craig finally said goodbye to Bond and although the film divided fans, he managed to keep the expectation on the protagonist. We know that Barbara Broccoli He has no intention of exploiting this world with spin-offs or unnecessary prequels, so the intention is to always keep the attention on Agent 007, so the conversation about who could be the new actor that gives him life remains very active.

Although names like Henry Cavill Y Tom Hardy are among the most popular, some even named Tom Holland as an interesting candidate who could give a different view of Bond. There are many points against him, mainly age, so it is very unlikely that the actor will be able to enter the franchise. However, Holland himself tried to take the first step a few years ago, proposing a story about a young James Bond.

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During an interview with TotalFilm (via IndieWire), Tom Holland revealed that he approached Sony to propose an original story about Bond’s early years:

I had a meeting, after or during Spider-Man: Far From Home, with Sony to come up with this idea that I came up with about a young Bond. It was the James Bond origin story. It really didn’t make sense. It did not work. It was a child’s dream and I don’t think the Bond heirs were particularly interested.

Despite this failure, the idea did not die entirely and ended up paving the way for the adaptation of Uncharted:

The idea of ​​a movie about a young Bond in turn ignited this idea that you could do a Nathan Drake story as an origin story, rather than as an add-on to the games. And that started a conversation.

Nathan Drake is one of the most loved characters by players and is a mix of Harrison Ford Y Johnny Knoxville, with strength, intelligence and natural instinct.

When it was announced that Tom Holland would star Uncharted not everyone welcomed the news. In general, it was thought of an older actor with a different physique, and for much of the public, Holland still looks very young. Giving life to the teenager Peter Parker is something that has affected how they see him in other roles such as Cherry – 27% The The devil at all hours – 65%Well, they are more mature roles. However, the first trailer for this game adaptation made it clear that the story will span Drake’s early years, before he became the sarcastic explorer we know. The film will be released in February and in addition to the hope of starting a franchise, the project hopes to break the curse on video game adaptations in theaters.

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James Bond: Tom Holland Says His Idea for a Spy Origin Movie Was Rejected | Tomatazos