James Bond: the stakes on who will replace Daniel Craig as the next 007

After 16 years, five movies and a more than questionable pink suit, Daniel Craig’s era as James Bond sadly came to an end this year.

Craig starred in some of the best movies in the franchise and it will be difficult to replace him.

Choosing a surrogate is an extremely important decision. A large sum in box office profits it depends on choosing the right actor for the role.

“You have to be a movie star, an ambassador for the saga, a media diplomat, a designated child of British culture, and the face of a multi-billion dollar ecosystem of products and endorsements,” says Mark O’Connell, author of the book. Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan (Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan).

“It must be immediately recognizable in all corners of the planet as James Bond. It has to be attractive, capable of catching the camera and dominating cinema screens the size of football fields,” adds the author.

Of course, every new Bond actor will want to pay tribute to those who came before him, “but he will bring his own qualities to his role,” says O’Connell.

So who could be the next Bond?

There are several candidates whose names have come up in recent years.

Let’s start with the basics – one thing we do know is that the next bond will be another man. “James Bond can be any color, but he’s a man,” said producer Barbara Broccoli in 2020.

“I think we should create new characters for women, strong female characters. I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are much more interesting than that,” added Broccoli.



Tom Hardy is one of the favorites to replace Craig.

The most popular

With all of the above in mind, it’s hard to find someone as masculine as Tom Hardy, an actor used to being a tough guy on screen.

He has been a leading actor in films such as Venom, Dunkirk Y Mad Max: Fury Road.

With roles like these, it’s easy to understand why Hardy has been considered a favorite for some time now and has admitted to wanting to play the role on occasion.

However, at 44 years old, he runs the risk of having missed that train. Daniel Craig stayed in the role for 15 years. If Hardy does the same, he would end up almost 60 years old.

The age issue is another potential barrier for Idris Elba, 49, who has been a frontrunner for this role for nearly a decade.

Regé-Jean Page



Regé-Jean Page is currently best known for playing the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix period drama Bridgerton.

“Cars, ladies, martinis. Who would want to do that? It sounds terrible,” Elba joked in 2016. However, the actor has also acknowledged that he might be “too old” to handle it.

Playing James Bond requires a lot of hard work, as all of Craig’s injuries during the making of the tapes testify.

“It’s a younger agent game,” O’Connell notes.

What young agents could they be?

The protagonist of the Netflix series Bridgerton, Regé-Jean Page, 33, would not be a bad prediction. Every time he appeared on a red carpet this year he seemed to be auditing for the role of 007.

It’s hard to think that someone can fit the suit as well as him.

Former agent 007 Pierce Brosnan said Page would make a “wonderful” Bond.

Game of Thrones star Richard Madden is another actor who could be in the running to become Bond, especially after his role on the series. The bodyguard de la BBC.

In this one, Madden already had to wear a tux, back up in a car while being shot and handle weapons.

Nomi (Lashana Lynch) in No Time to Die.



Lashana Lynch took over the 007 title in No Time to Die, but the producers have said that James Bond will remain a male character.

And it’s only fair and appropriate for the producers to consider some new Scottish talents, like Madden, considering that the first actor to play James Bond in the film series was, of course, the late Sean Connery.

Madden is 35 years old and in an interview with GQ in 2018 said he was “beyond flattered to be mentioned” in relation to Bond.

However, he added that “everyone enjoys the rumors on that issue. I am just the current one. There will be a different one (candidate) next week.”

The British James Norton, star of the McMafia series, is also another favorite.

“Bond is an icon and means so much to so many that speculation is unavoidable. But that’s it: speculation. Very flattering and humble speculation,” Norton said in an interview with the London newspaper Evening Standard.

The problem with several of these actors is that they are fan favorites. It may sound like a good thing, but producers have frequently cast less obvious actors in the past, perhaps on purpose.

When it came to replacing Pierce Brosnan after his last appearance as Bond in 2002, Daniel Craig was not among the fan favorites.

“There’s always the ‘bookmaker favorite’ and it tends to be any hot actor who’s launching a new TV show on the weekend with a smart PR team generating such buzz,” says O’Connell.

Could that hamper the chances of some other favorites associated with the world of television drama, such as Aidan Turner, Tom Hiddleston y Cillian Murphy? Maybe, but we still wouldn’t bet against any of them.

Tom Hopper



Tom Hopper became one of the future Bonds favorites among fans this past October.

The less obvious

This leads us to wonder who would be a less obvious choice.

You may not have heard of Tom Hopper, but this actor who also appeared in Game of Thrones sparked interest among fans last October.

At the end of that month, rumors spread that he had been shortlisted by producer Broccoli.

Richard Madden



Scottish actor Richard Madden is known for his participation in Game of Thrones and his starring role in the series The Bodyguard.

Nor should we rule out Irish actor Jamie Dornan, who starred in 50 shades of gray and recently the film Belfast, del director Kenneth Branagh.

Clive Standen, the star of the television series Taken (based on the film trilogy of the same name), and the star of Crazy Rich Asians, Henry Golding, have also been promoted by many.

The Super Man actor, Henry Cavill, was in the running to play Bond last time, and it was widely assumed that he had been runner-up to Daniel Craig.

Mind you, Cavill would have been in his early 20s back then, possibly too young for the role, which means his odds may be better this time.

“At this stage, everything is up in the air. We’ll see what happens. But yeah, I would love to play Bond and it would be very, very exciting,” Cavill told GQ in 2020.

“The names I would add to the contestants’ martini would be Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The invisible man), Harris Dickinson (The Kingsman), George Mackay (1917), Matt Smith (The mystery of Soho), Paul Mescal (Normal people) Y Nicholas Hoult (The Great)”.

As speculation continues, there is only one thing we can be really sure of. As viewers were told at the end of the credits for No Time to Die: James Bond will return.

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James Bond: the stakes on who will replace Daniel Craig as the next 007