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Although some breathed relief that James Bond did not end up in Disney’s hands and was acquired by Amazon after the purchase of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, there are those who do not agree with the new perspective. One of the above is John logan , who worked on the scripts for 007 Specter – 65% Y 007 Operation Skyfall – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos93% some years ago. Through an essay published in The New York Times, the writer shares with the public his concerns regarding the future of 007 at the hands of one of the most popular and influential entertainment companies in recent years.

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Lately we have seen major mergers between entertainment companies. A few years ago we saw Disney and Lucasfilm, or Disney and Fox, Warner and Discovery, and Amazon with MGM. Although at first glance these unions can represent benefits for the many franchises that work, John logan He fears that James Bond will become what Star Wars is now for Disney, an endless source of products whose sole purpose is to make the best profits in the market (the poor organization of the recent trilogy is proof that the company places more importance on the income than the story itself). Here the words of the screenwriter in his article I Wrote James Bond Movies. The Amazon-MGM Deal Gives Me Chills (I wrote James Bond movies. The Amazon-MGM deal gives me the creeps):

What happens if a corporation like Amazon starts demanding a voice in the process? What about camaraderie and quality control if there is an Amazonian overlord analyzing every decision? What happens when a focus group reports that they don’t like Bond drinking martinis? Or kill so many people? And that English accent is a bit alienating, so could we have more Americans in history for marketability?

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John logan he is absolutely straightforward with his words. He points to Amazon as a company dedicated entirely to collecting, to seeking the juiciest profits, often placing money above art. The screenwriter is responsible for pointing out Amazon’s voracity in the entertainment business and also its fear of political correctness, that the company’s fear of damaging the sensitivity of its viewers will make it make cowardly decisions that change the essence of the character. Logan he just wants Amazon to let Bond be Bond, with everything and his drinking of martinis.

In the context of the larger company, Amazon Prime Video isn’t primarily about artists. It’s about attracting and retaining customers. And when larger companies start to influence iconic characters or franchises, companies tend to want more, not better, and the quality differential can vary wildly from project to project. […] Bond can provoke, grow and be idiosyncratic, and I can only hope that the powers that be at Amazon recognize the uniqueness of what they just acquired and allow and encourage this special family business to continue unhindered.

The next James Bond movie is No Time to Die, starring Daniel Craig. The studio and the distributor found it necessary to change the release date due to the coronavirus pandemic, but after a long time it will hit the billboard to say goodbye to this stage. We hope that the latest installment is at the height or well above what we already observed with Craig, the 007 deserves an end worthy of his legacy.

No Time to Die It opens in theaters on October 8 and aims to become a hit with the billboard.

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