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A Jake Gyllenhaal It has haunted him all over the internet since that day when he revealed not to take showers frequently. The forty-year-old actor became the target of ridicule and memes, with thousands of fans asking him to shower. Now, a few weeks after the event, Jake He returns to the cameras to ensure that he does maintain a consistent personal hygiene regimen and even apologizes for confusing his followers. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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The little slip of Gyllenhaal It was given in early August during an interview for Variety. Shortly before, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher talked about their little affinity with the recurring bath, so Jake He came out to defend the same position with some detonating words: “Every time I find that the bathroom is less necessary, sometimes. I think there is a whole world out there about not bathing, which is also really helpful for skin maintenance. We already clean ourselves naturally. ” Pro-cleaning netizens took the words of Jake as the worst.

This was enough to unleash an immeasurable wave of mockery on social networks, as that Fluttershy meme delivers to Jake a bag with soap and shampoo as a gift. The actor was a trend for days, and all this time has been haunted by his reputation as a “non-bathing celebrity.” Now, during a press conference to promote his new Netflix movie, The Guilty, Gyllenhaal seeks to clear all doubts under his name about his personal hygiene. Fortunately, the audience has reacted with laughter and applause, so maybe Jake has made it through the difficult stage.

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It was an answer to a question where I was being sarcastic and ironic and it has followed me ever since. I took a shower before coming here so sorry!

Another actor who was also teased for his anti-bathroom statements was Joe Keery, who in August also declared for GQ that he does not wash his hair regularly and that he never pays to cut his hair, he is only intervened during a film or television project. All these stars who have spoken about their hygiene habits take a good beating in networks for not adjusting to the common denominator, but one has to wonder if those who judge them are so strict with their own body.

During years, Jake Gyllenhaal He has devoted himself to independent cinema but also to the most commercial. One of his relatively recent blockbusters was Spider-Man: Far From Home – 82%, a film in which he joined the MCU as Mysterio, the famous enemy of Spider-Man. That film had huge rounds of publicity in the company of the main stars, becoming one of the highest grossing of 2019. Although the character dies at the end, there are not few who want to see the return of Jake in the MCU, and perhaps Marvel Studios can make it happen: the multiverse has already been launched.

The Guilty with Jake Gyllenhaal premieres on the Netflix platform this September 24 and is the remake of the Danish film, Guilty – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos98%. It tells the story of a police officer who is assigned to an office where he must attend to emergencies by phone. In a short time his work becomes monotonous and meaningless, since he is usually rude or not very interested in whoever calls for help. Without knowing it, he will enter a race against time when a woman calls from a house with a suspicious tone, since everything seems to indicate that she is kidnapped by a stranger. The policeman must make use of all the resources at his disposal to free the woman.

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