Jada Pinkett Smith is unrecognizable in Matrix Resurrections. What happened to Niobe?

Although for now we have been able to see Keanu Reeves already Carrie-Anne Moss with an aspect quite similar to the original Matrix, the truth is that we cannot say the same about the character of Jada Pinkett Smith. Captain Niobe, who played a major role in the outcome of the original trilogue, piloting a ship in manual mode to the city of Sion to activate her IEM and neutralize a major machine assault bloc that was already entering the city.

Niobe be back in Matrix Resurrections, the new installment of the saga that It will be released in theaters next December 22 and that serve as an independent work of the universe devised by the Wachowski sisters in the nineties and early twenty-first century. Although, of course, it will be connected to the original tapes and will have multiple references, but as we said it would be a film that works separately.

In a new promotion for this fourth installment of the Matrix, we can now see Niobe in an unrecognizable state. The war has affected her a lot and it seems that the passage of time is unforgiving. It is postulated as one of the maximum original survivors and a veteran in the fight against those endless machines that use humans as cattle to keep their world afloat.

A Niobe obsessed with war

Niobe seems totally devastated to be living in a world on the brink of collapse, also being the speaker announcing the imminent arrival of war. That means that the machines want battle again and she is one of the few who knows perfectly, at least being in the real world, how to face this technological wave with the desire to take on humans. Hopefully, as in the case of Morpheus, explanations are given in the film about why he is in that physical state, being Neo y Trinity, for its part, in such good condition (although that is due to the fact that some have been plugged into the Matrix and, the other, no, so the aging process will be different). At the end of December we will have doubts.


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Jada Pinkett Smith is unrecognizable in Matrix Resurrections. What happened to Niobe?