Jack Nicholson’s health: his friends say they are afraid that he will “die alone”

is increased concern about the health of Jack Nicholson with recent statements from his closest friends, who expressed their fear that the actor “die in seclusion like Marlon Brando”. The strong words were collected by the Radar Online portal, which communicated with those close to the triple Oscar winner.

“Jack made it very clear to us that his house is his castle, but we want him to get out a bit and show up so we know he’s okay,” they added. The 85-year-old actor currently lives in his mansion on Mulholland Drive and was last seen publicly on October 19, 2021, when he went to the Staples Center stadium to watch an NBA game and cheer on the Los Angeles Lakers with her 30-year-old son, Ray, fruit of his relationship with Rebecca Broussard. “He is his protégé, he is very proud of his son, he keeps in touch with him and some other relatives, but he does not socialize with anyone, that is a thing of the past”, added his friends.

Nicholson, with his son, watching the Lakers, after more than a year of being out of the public sphere, in the year 2021
Nicholson, with his son, watching the Lakers, after more than a year of being out of the public sphere, in the year 2021The Grosby Group

In addition, Another source said that these friends expressed their fears by drawing parallels with the actor from The Godfather. “Brando died a recluse after living a colorful life and Jack’s friends don’t want the same thing to happen to him, his children are his only connection to the world, he doesn’t want to face reality… It’s sad ”. Weeks before his surprise appearance, a confidant of the actor said that his inner circle he fears that he is suffering from senile dementia and that “he does not want to leave his house.”

In this context, Nicholson’s statements to The Sun portal in 2013 resonate strongly. “I am not a loner, I am not a recluse, but I do not need to return, it is no longer a necessity. I don’t enjoy it. It’s as simple as that”, he stated in one of his last interviews granted amid rumors about his illness, which he emphatically denied. “I have the brain of a mathematician, just I’m not going to work until the day I die, that’s not why I started this. I mean, there’s nothing that excites me. Before yes, but not now, so I have no reason to expose myself; When you’re older, you change, ”she explained.

a decade ago, His relatives also denied that the actor was fighting against any condition. “He has no disease, no dementia, no memory problems, and he has no plans to retire either,” they reported at the time. In any case, in recent weeks he has alluded to a possible picture of dementia.

Jack Nicholson at the 2006 Oscars
Jack Nicholson at the 2006 OscarsArchive

His friendship with filmmaker James L. Brooks, who directed him on several occasions, led to a supporting role in the filmmaker’s failed romantic comedy, How to know if it is love?, released in 2010, and starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. Eight years later, and without any project in between, It was reported that Nicholson was going to command the remake of the German-Austrian film nominated for an Oscar -and directed by Maren Ade-, Toni Erdman.

The adaptation was in charge of Lisa Cholodenko, and the partner Jack’s was going to be Kristen Wiig, who was also going to produce the film originally intended for Bill Murray. The film focuses on Winfried Conradi (Peter Simonischek), a father who creates an alter ego, an imaginary character -the Toni of the title- to reconnect with his daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller), a workaholic woman.

GF Default - Trailer by Toni Erdmann

Trailer for Toni Erdmann

Although the project was on track, Jack decided to “get off” from comedy in 2018, thus giving rise to new versions that ensured that he was going through a delicate moment of health.

“Frankly, he can’t remember his lines of dialogue anymore, he can’t do what he’s asked to do,” sources close to the actor told the Radar Online site. On the other hand, The National Enquirer reported that the protagonist of chinatown he rarely left his house in Hollywood and that, when he did, everyone noticed him “disoriented and confused”.

Jack with his son Ray, on April 4, 2019, watching the Lakers
Jack with his son Ray, on April 4, 2019, watching the LakersGROSBY GROUP – THE NATION

Before leaving with his son in 2021, Nicholson had already been seen in another NBA game, in April 2019. Two months later, the actress Laura Dern made an eye-catching post on Instagram. The actress of Big Little Lies He posted a photo with the caption: “Breakfast in Antibes. The photo was taken by my dad’s best friend and neighbor.” Behind the image of the rich dish that Bruce Dern’s daughter ate somewhere in the French town, another could be seen: one from the archive of Jack, with that devilish smile that characterizes him, his tongue sticking out and his unmistakable eyebrows. .

In this way it became clear that the actor no longer wanted to be portrayed, but his friends left clues in the networks of the moments shared with him. Interestingly, Nicholson turned down the role of “Woody” Grant in Nebraska by Alexander Payne – the filmmaker who directed it in The confessions of Mr. Schmidt, leading role that earned him his last Oscar nomination to date-, and was Bruce Dern who ultimately ended up commanding the film.

jack nicholson

Jack Nicholson winning his third Oscar for Best…Impossible – Source: YouTube

“Jack is one of the best actors in Hollywood, a star like Spencer Tracy and ‘Jimmy’ Cagney, someone who suits roles that require intelligence. He is an intelligent, literary man, and those qualities are almost impossible to act on. With those words I had defined it stanley kubrickwho directed it in the remembered The glowand it is inevitable not to agree with his assessment of the actor who won three Oscars -for Trapped with no way out, The strength of affection Y Better… Impossible and that he worked with filmmakers who have created, together with him, memorable frames.

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Jack Nicholson’s health: his friends say they are afraid that he will “die alone”