Jack Nicholson’s best movie is on Netflix, it’s 123 minutes of pure drama and it’s not “The Shining”

In the Hollywood industry, one of the most iconic actors is Jack Nicholson, who has garnered a career full of charismatic, complex and challenging characters. Throughout his career, he has been nominated for an Academy Award 12 times, winning three times in the Best Actor category, this because his screen presence, his distinctive smile and his unique style have consolidated him as a acting legend.

Some of his most notable films include 1980’s “The Shining,” directed by Stanley Kubrick, in which he plays the disturbed writer Jack Torrance; “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” from 1975, directed by Milos Forman, where he plays Randle McMurphy, a patient in a mental hospital; and 1997’s “As Better…Impossible,” directed by James L. Brooks, in which he plays Melvin Udall, a neurotic writer.

Nicholson is now retired from acting. Photo: Special

Now in Netflix there is one of his most striking films, which has immediately attracted attention, especially because it is one of his best films. We are talking about the movie “Code of Honor”, a psychological thriller directed by Sean Penn, based on the novel of the same name written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

This is one of the few tapes of nicholson available on Netflix, which was produced by Michael Fitzgerald, Sean Penn, Elie Samaha and William S. Gilmore, which also features performances by robin wright, Aaron Eckhart, Sam Shepard and Benicio del Toro.

what is the tape about

The film tells the story of Jerry Black, played by Jack Nicholson, a veteran police detective who is about to retire. After his last day on the job, Jerry is committed to solving an unsolved murder case involving a little girl in a small Nevada town.

Jerry becomes obsessed with finding the killer and makes a personal promise, known as the “honor code”, to find whoever is responsible and bring him to justice. As Jerry follows the clues, he finds himself deeper and deeper into the dark and disturbing world of a would-be serial killer.

His determination and dedication to solving the case is met with disbelief and skepticism from his colleagues and superiors, but Jerry is determined to keep his promise, even if it means jeopardizing his own sanity and safety, so this tape is a drama film that will take you into its intense plot for two hours and three minutes.


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Jack Nicholson’s best movie is on Netflix, it’s 123 minutes of pure drama and it’s not “The Shining”