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Elijah Wood is recognized worldwide as the actor who gave life to Frodo in the films of The Lord of the rings. However, for many fans of Return to the future, Wood is also part of a remembered scene from the second film of the classic trilogy.

As you may recall, when Marty McFly is at the 2015 Hill Valley Cafe 80s, Michael J. Fox’s character interacts with two children to teach them how to play. Wild Gunman. Well, one of those kids was played by none other than Elijah Wood and recently the actor remembered that role as one of the things that fueled his love of acting.

Wood participated in a segment of Deadline called “The Film That Lit My Fuse” and explained that he began to dabble in acting because his mother felt that making him participate in commercials could be a good way to channel his energy.

But according to the actor, although he made some commercials and saw several films that were marked in his memory, it took him a while to consider acting as something he could dedicate himself to.

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  • “It was completely amazing”: Elijah Wood recalled his participation in Back to the Future II

“I remember seeing Gremlins when I was young, Back to the Future, the original Back to the Future was something I saw as a kid and loved (and) The Goonies. But I never saw those films thinking that it might have something to do with them or that that would be a vocation of mine “, Wood said.

However, all of that changed with his first film role as one of the children he was trying to play Wild Gunman in Back to the Future II.

“The first role I had in a movie was in Back to the Future II and that was crazy because it took what I understood about cinema and put it in this very real area”, Wood said. “And I think that may be the first time that I was able to refer to that based on what I had seen, what I was doing physically. Which is not to say that I didn’t understand the work that I had done before in commercials in terms of it being, you know, an acting role that people would see. ”

“But when he refers to a movie that I grew up watching and suddenly I’m in that environment, it was completely amazing. And that may have been the first time I realized what this was and that this could be a life. ” concluded the actor.