It makes them ugly: Tim Burton explained why he will not work with Disney again

Well they say out there that “never say Never”but it seems that Tim Burton is very clear about his conviction about getting back to work with Disney. And in that sense, everything indicates that the renowned filmmaker does not want to do it again.

This was revealed in a series of statements during a press conference at the Lumiere Festival in Lyon, France last weekend. Burton He expressed that his reflection comes after his last collaboration with the studio, this in 2019 for the live-action of Dumbo.

Tim Burton. Photo: Getty

Tim Burton Reveals Why He Probably Won’t Work With Disney Again

It is not new that Disney has divided the opinion of specialized critics and the public with its live-action adaptations. What is not very usual is hearing some of its directors and/or collaborators talking about it in a not entirely positive sense.

The matter is about Tim Burton this time. And what did he say? Well, it all has to do with what the filmmaker has practically severed his bond of years with the powerful production studio. As some may remember, Burton began his animation career working for ‘Mickey Mouse’s house’. However, it is also fair to say that this employment relationship has been one of ups and downs, with a series of dismissals and hirings throughout its history.

Tim BurtonDUMBO
Tim Burton directed 2019’s Dumbo. Photo: Special.

And well, with the apparent conviction that at least in the short term he has no plans to rejoin the company founded by Walt Disney, Tim Burton explained the reason for this decision at the aforementioned press conference, he hasdrawing a curious comparison between himself and Dumbothe live-action that he directed and premiered three years ago.

“My story is that I started there. I was hired and fired several times throughout my career there. The thing about Dumbo is that’s why I think my Disney days are over; I realized that I was Dumbo, that I was working in this horrible big circus and I needed to escape. That movie is pretty autobiographical on some level.”Tim said during a panel at the Festival Lumièrewhere he received recognition for his extensive film career.

Burton’s next projects

What a revelation, right? Well, what is true is that even though Tim Burton He has no plans to work with Disney again, the job is not lacking. And it is that in this mere 2022, he is behind one of the most striking series that Netflix will bring us: wednesdaywhich is an adaptation of the story of the crazy addams centered on the gloomy and brilliant Merlina (played by Jenna Ortega).

The series will premiere on November 23 next And here below we leave you one of the trailers that have already been released previously.

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It makes them ugly: Tim Burton explained why he will not work with Disney again