It is the best film of one of the most successful science fiction sagas of recent years: you only have a few days to watch this explosive blockbuster on Netflix

When a series of films consistently become so successful, it’s that offers something that greatly connects with the public. Something, is more or less “valid” for certain moviegoers with dressing gown and monocle who have prepared the taunt ready for the latest blockbuster release. Sometimes, it is still worth investigating what that something is, because it leads you to an appreciation that, in the end, tends to be beneficial for any cinema that one decides to see.

I will not be the one who comes to defend the franchise of transformers as something infallible and consistent, or deny that even the productions that Michael Bay I was doing in between ended up being much more interesting. But that does not mean that some of them do not have the sea of ​​fun discoveries, as is the case with the best of them allTransformers: Dark of the Moon‘.

giant fun

Following an acceptable initial installment and a less lucid sequel, the third installment of this saga based on Hasbro’s toys has the virtues of Bay’s cinema better applied than ever and they also have their own intrinsic defects (which there are) reduced to a non-irritating minimum. It is so fabulous that it is even worth recommending it without looking at any other before it stops be on netflix after next October 31 (although it will continue to be available on Amazon Prime Video Y on HBO Max).

Because it has a simplicity in its history that many have used as a throwing weapon against all the movies, but at the same time it makes it easy to enter them without thinking about all the homework that must be done to know who these characters are or the major conflict that the Autobots have. and Decepticons. As the film progresses you catch him on the fly, and introduces you to everything well enough so that you can worry about what is important.

In this case, the important thing is the action. The great problem of modern blockbusters is not the abuse of digital effects, but not knowing how to implement them with minimal taste or idea. Bay hasn’t always been successful in overcoming the computerized junk scramble, but in ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ he manages to get it out every time, leaving some of the best and most epic combat scenes and explosions in the entire saga.

‘Transformers: The dark side of the moon’: don’t be pinfloid and enjoy

But not everything ends in action. Despite two and a half hours of footage for an arguably short story, Bay knows fill gaps between magnanimous sequences with his good sense of humor, which catalyzes through character actors. One of the funniest things about a Transformers movie is when it throws you at actors like John Malkovich, Frances McDormand either John Turturro so that they make the explanations in the most deranged and chanante way possible.

That these actors will be there primarily to cash the check and won’t have as much fun doing it, either? It is the same, they fulfill their objective, despite the fact that many will attribute it to involuntary comedy. But Bay does not need appreciation or not of his intentions, it is enough for her to make a brutal and entertaining display that has the viewer captivated. And considering that it is the most successful of the franchise with more than 1.1 billion grosses worldwide, clearly ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ manages to captivate.

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It is the best film of one of the most successful science fiction sagas of recent years: you only have a few days to watch this explosive blockbuster on Netflix