Is Pedrito Sola going to Ventaneando? You will participate in this fun movie

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Rumors about the supposed departure of Pedrito Sola from Windowing They regained strength a few days ago because the beloved driver was absent from the broadcast of the program on Monday, June 28, however, on his return to the program Pati chapoy forced him to reveal why he had not attended so Pedrito had no choice but to confess that he is in a new project within the film industry.

Initially, Pedrito Sola tried to keep his new project Justifying that he had not attended the program because he had visited his doctor for some health problems, however, the driver did not believe his version and forced him to reveal the true reason for his absence, for which Pedrito mentioned that he had not gone because there was participated in the dubbing of an animated film and pointed out that it is his fourth dubbing project that he does and assured that it is a wonderful experience.

In which film will Pedrito Sola participate?

True to style, Pati chapoy was not satisfied with the information issued by Pedrito Sola and he wanted to know what the film was, so he was insistent until finally his broadcast partner revealed that the film in which he will participate is “Hotel Transylvania: Transmormania” where he will again play grandfather Van Helsing, he revealed.

Will you exit the program to continue your project?

At the moment, the beloved driver has not released information about his possible departure from the program and it is unknown how advanced the work on the dubbing of the new Sony Pictures Animations production is, however, It is unlikely that this project will force Pedrito Sola to definitively leave “Ventaneando”, a program in which he has been conducting for more than two decades with his close friend Pati Chapoy and Daniel Bisogno.

Why was it chosen for the movie?

This is not the first time that Pedrito Sola has been considered to participate in the dubbing of a film in this successful saga of children’s films, as one of the most beloved Mexican television figures Since 1996 he has conquered the public with his charisma and peculiar way of commenting on the controversies of the entertainment world.

In addition, Pedrito Sola has found the right way to stay current among the new generations Well, his occurrences, mistakes and even his gender identity have made him an influencer among the young public, so the production of “Hotel Transilvanya” has considered him to have a figure that easily connects with the public through his voice.

Shakes the networks

A few days ago, the beloved driver took advantage of “Father’s Day” to remember his father and was melancholic because through his Twitter profile he congratulated all the parents and recalled that he had the best He assured that his father always supported him unconditionally despite being of a “different nature”, alluding to her gender identity, for which she received hundreds of messages of support from her followers.