Iron Man 3: Robert Downey Jr.’s injury on set helped improve the movie

When a star the size of Robert Downey Jr. you get injured while you are shooting the new blockbuster Marvel, it’s normal for you to tremble. At Marvel Studios, as at Paramount with Tom Cruise during Mission: Impossible – Fallout, they thought there was no way to go back the film and they already saw themselves delaying the blockbuster indefinitely. However, the actor’s broken ankle on Iron Man 3 no great opportunity tragedy. As we know from the recent book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (va ComicBook), the accident allowed the development of a Iron Man 3 more solid, fun and complete.

A six-week injury that favored the final cut of the film

According to the book’s authors, Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, Downey’s injury sidelined him for six weeks, which was a major setback for the directors and producers: there would be no Tony Stark on set for 42 days. Therefore, and while adjusting the calendars and the order of sequences to shoot, executive producer Stephen Broussard decided to take the reins of the project and take advantage of the accident to rephrase the final act of the tape. “Suddenly we had the necessary gap, and we began to investigate what the third act would have to be,” he explains. Filming continued without Downey, who returned to the set to film more stills of Stark, but there is more. When everything seemed to be going well Digital Domain, special effects experts and one of Hollywood’s leading digital infographic studios, has filed for bankruptcy.

The special effects that were being planned for the end of Iron Man 3, as well as many other sequences, were left in the middle. The experts were working on the grand finale, the so-called House Party Protocol, but couldn’t finish it in time. At that moment, in the midst of unspeakable chaos at Marvel Studios, Weta Digital, authors of The Lord of the Rings, they ran to save production as their own rohirrim on The return of the King. Broussard pointed out that they managed to nail it, offering a spectacular climax, much better than they had originally thought. In addition, In those extra weeks, they were able to hire composer Brian Tyler, giving him precious time to finish the score and soundtrack for the film.

With the accident of the star, Marvel potentiated the final act, changed sequences and hired Brian Tyler for the music.

Iron Man 3 became one of the highest grossing installments in the Marvel Universe, a milestone on the billboards, that although it has great detractors for the particular story in the style of Shane Black, managed to close his own trilogue centered on the leading billionaire character of the Avengers. The critics applauded his story, something that has not happened with Eternals, already today is the perfect example of what a Marvel film can offer if it departs a bit from the usual canons of the superhero genre, which was consolidated and showed that what was to come it was more than interesting. Robert Downey Jr., retrospectively, confirm that he gave everything by embodying Tony Stark. AND a good example of this are his phrases and dialogues.

The new book, which has not yet been published in Spain, has many anecdotes, like the famous ‘A-Force’ from Endgame O Kevin Feige’s soap opera with Spider-Man and Sony.

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Iron Man 3: Robert Downey Jr.’s injury on set helped improve the movie