Intimacy: Is the Netflix series based on a real case?


Netflix’s recent hit, Intimacy, has a truly captivating plot, but is it based on reality?

Intimacy: Is the Netflix series based on a real case?
© NetflixIntimacy: Is the Netflix series based on a real case?

the streaming service Netflix may be going through one of its worst corporate moments, but for now it won’t change that its releases have an instant craze, as happened recently with Privacy. Is Serie Spanish arrived last Friday and is already in the Top 5 of the most watched in the whole world, but many wonder if the story is based on a true story. Is it so?

The plot focuses on the appearance of a sexual video of a politician with a promising future, but when it is leaked to the press, it triggers a story about the lives of four women forced to walk with lead feet the thin line that separates public life. of private life. In its 8 episodes they will try to answer where the limits of intimacy are drawn and what happens when privacy is on everyone’s lips.

+Is there a real story behind Intimacy?

The show starring Itziar Ituno It has a direct treatment towards sexist violence and the blaming of the victim, so it could be related to any event that occurred in real life in different areas and that is why the question has been generated as to whether they have been based on a fact punctual. Your co-creator, Laura Sarmientosaid: “It’s a story of sorority from a perspective that hasn’t been touched on in such an exhaustive way in fiction that we know of”.

Sarmiento explained in an interview with The vanguard that the series is not based on a real casebut we will find some points of contact with reality: “Cases that we all have in our memories resonate, such as that of the Olvido Hormigos politician a decade ago or the most recent case of Iveco”. The latter refers to a company worker who committed suicide after leaking a sex video and also had some impact when the show was in development.

As usually happens in fictions that portray situations of daily life, here they do not refer to a specific case, since it has been repeated on multiple occasions and they take what the victims experienced at the time to try to reflect it on screen. It is clear that Privacy has had a great reception, by the public and the critics, and will continue to be talked about in Netflix.

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Intimacy: Is the Netflix series based on a real case?