‘Interstellar’: Christopher Nolan “stole” a key scene from a great science fiction movie that failed unfairly

It was born as a movie intended to be directed by Steven Spielbergbut ‘interstellar’ has become so associated with the name of Christopher Nolan that it is difficult to think of a version that was not signed by the author of ‘Dunkirk’. There are many praises that he has received, but today we come to give him a little stick and remind you that a key scene was “stolen” of ‘end horizon’.

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The scene in question is the moment where they explain how a wormhole works. Surely you remember that in ‘Interstellar’ a sheet of paper is used to explain how to get from one point to another. It is a very simple and clear way of explaining it to the viewer, but basically the same thing was already done 17 years before in the best work of Paul W.S. Anderson. A resounding and unfair failure when it hit theaters, although its popularity has continued to grow since then.

There was a somewhat more casual moment, since the character played by Sam Neil he used a photograph to make his crewmates understand the science behind wormholes. And the explanation was exactly the same as the one used by Nolan in ‘Interstellar’.

The popularity of such an accessible explanation for the few versed in the matter has led to the character embodied by Natalie Portman in ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Please refer to both movies for a simple understanding of how wormholes work.

Therefore, it is true that ‘Interstellar’ it was revolutionary when it comes to showing what a wormhole is like on the screen, but at this other point it seems that the Nolan brothers, since they both sign the script for the film, were not able to overcome what the screenwriter had devised almost two decades earlier Philip Eisner.

Of course, the theory itself was not really new to ‘Final Horizon’ either, because in ‘Peggy Sue got married’ they used the parallelism that time is like a donkey that can bend to go from one point to another, while the book ‘The restaurant at the end of the world’ already used an explanation similar to the one in ‘Final Horizon’ to explain the Einstein–Rosen Bridge theory.

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‘Interstellar’: Christopher Nolan “stole” a key scene from a great science fiction movie that failed unfairly