June 11, 2021

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‘In a New York neighborhood’, the film with a Latin flavor that promises to destroy everything

In a New York neighborhood the film with a Latin

Not only horror movies will live the post-pandemic box office. Cinemas are resurrecting after the most difficult year for the sector thanks to genre films such as The Warren File: Demon Bound -where in Spain it has achieved record figuresd- o A quiet place 2 In the US and other territories, however, the proposals are being expanded each week with action, animation and drama films. However, the title he’s taking momentum and promises to sweep in the coming weeks is a musical.

In a New York neighborhood It lands in theaters in the US on June 11, while in Spain it will do so a week later (on June 18), and I couldn’t do it on a better footing. Critical approval is being unanimous, with praise crowning it as the definitive vindication for the Latino community, entering through the front door to the top of the box office.

En un barrio de Nueva York (© 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

In a New York neighborhood (© 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Until very recently, the international public was completely unaware of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s name. That is, unless you were a lover of Broadway musicals, the most normal thing is that you did not even know of their existence. However, in a matter of a few years, this composer, actor and playwright of Puerto Rican descent has become one of the most influential names in the industry, a darling of Disney and coveted by cinema and theater in equal measure.

In a New York neighborhood is the adaptation of the musical that he himself wrote and composed under the original title In the Heights in the late 90s. It debuted on Broadway in 2008, winning a host of awards including the Tony for Best Musical and the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. In addition to creating the entire work, he himself starred in the main role, always driven by the primary need to create stories that did not pigeonhole him into the Latino stereotype. He wanted to assert himself, beyond the cultural and social stereotypes so ingrained in the industry, and created his own musicals, composing his great masterpiece years later, Hamilton.

More than a decade later, Miranda recovers her tribute to that Latino community so deeply rooted in the history of New York, immigration, the struggle for division and social prejudice, making it one of the films that promise to serve as a definitive boost for an industry in full recovery. But, above all, a production that already promises to become a whole musical revolution, of color, joy and vindication in equal measure.

At least that’s what the specialized critics who already had access to it say. And so do I, after having followed the career of Lin-Manuel Miranda, and seeing how he turns everything he touches into gold. Without forgetting that when a musical film touches the heart of the audience, the universal phenomenon is practically immediate. Not all productions of this genre succeed, and even the wear and tear that he experienced a few decades ago led to his exile for a long time. But for some time now, we have witnessed bets that have managed to penetrate deeply, infecting us with the magic that musical drama brings and In a neighborhood in New York It seems to have all the ingredients to follow in the wake: catchy music, a universal story and a lot of color and joy after a difficult year for everyone.

In a New York neighborhood tells the dreams and challenges of an entire Latino community living in the Washington Heights neighborhood, in the Big Apple. Filmed in the same real location, the film focuses on this neighborhood with colorful, happy and supportive people, where Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) also lives, the friendly owner of a popular winery who saves every penny with the desire for a better life, adding dreams and romance to the sound of songs ranging from rap to salsa. However, according to the critics, the wonderful thing about this adaptation is that it manages to create a cinematic fusion that turns the story into a universal plot, not purely of Latin authenticity. And indeed that is what the trailer shows.

Described as “a prize” for Boston Globe, like a movie of “Authentic energy” for The Washington Post, “A piece of mainstream American entertainment in the best sense […], a celebration of community ties and individual courage ” for New York Times and with songs “that will haunt you for days ” according CNN, In a New York neighborhood promises to be the musical we’ve been waiting for. A shot of joy after a year of concern and uncertainty that already adds a unanimous approval of 97% in RottenTomatoes and a score of 85/100 on Metacritic. That is to say, exactly what we ask of a good musical: a product of film evasion, that makes us dance inside and want to learn their songs as soon as we leave the cinema (come on, what happened to a great majority with La La Land Y The great showman).

It’s more, a statistic US ticketing site Fandango states that 96% of 1,300 respondents said that In a New York neighborhood it will mark his first trip back to theaters after the year of closures. While, at the level of figures, it is estimated that the film will raise between $ 16 and $ 30 million in its first weekend in your country, even when it is available on the HBO Max platform in those parts, according to Variety. If he could get these numbers we could have that expected success, later adding international box office, when the production cost $ 55 million to make.

En un barrio de Nueva York (Macall Polay, © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

In a New York neighborhood (Macall Polay, © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Without a doubt, We are facing a love letter to the Latino community and the film with the largest Latin American representation in decades made in Hollywood. Reading the reviews and analyzing the statistical projections expected at the box office in its first weekend in US theaters, we could practically predict that we are facing the production that will put the Latino community at the center of the box office with a new worldwide phenomenon. What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised In a New York neighborhood ended up inspiring a new wave of Latin American productions repeating the phenomenon caused by Let me out with the African American community.

Jon M. Chu, the director who raised the color of the Asian community in 2018 with the fun Crazy Rich Asians, is responsible for directing this ode of love to the Latino community using a cast of hitherto unknown actors, and under the watchful eye of the father of the story as producer.

In a New York neighborhood opens in Spain on June 18.

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