June 18, 2021

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Impact: The Mexican workshop that made clothes for the movie ‘Cruella’

1622592262 Impact The Mexican workshop that made clothes for the movie

Since the movie was released ‘Cruella ‘, last Friday, May 28, the conversation on social networks revolved around the performance of Emma Stone, the protagonist, as well as that of Emma Thompson. But, Did you know there was a Mexican sewing workshop involved in the making of several pieces that the cast of the Disney film wore? You are right! And we must celebrate that. Let’s go with the information! But in parts.

In addition to the plot, the performances and the fact that many people took advantage of the premiere of the villain film to return to theaters and eat some nachos and popcorn, a large part of Twitter has talked about the costumes of ‘Cruella’ that it is incredible; the dresses, pants, the huge red skirt, uff! A dream for any fashionista, one more example of the magic of Mickey and the genius of Jenny Beavan, winner of two Oscars for his work in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road ‘ and ‘A love in Florence’, who was the mastermind behind the clothes.

‘Cruella’ could be Disney’s best live action thanks to its villain

In an interview with Disney, Beavan commented that thanks to the fact that she lived through the 70s, she was very aware of the fashion of the time and how she wanted Estella to look in her younger years. The feeling is that Estella would have gone to vintage clothing stores on London’s Brick Lane, when it was a second-hand clothing market., assured and added that designers like John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, as well as Dior and Balenciaga were part of the inspiration.

One of the most iconic looks of 'Cruella': red skirt.

Photo: Disney

Emma Stone’s 47 outfits

In order to achieve the result seen in the film, Jenny and Emma Stone spent hours in the actress’s kitchen trying on different pieces and looks to create the perfect character. “From those first tests the bases of Estella’s looks emerged. While we didn’t use any of the pieces Emma tried on that day, they were very inspiring. There we found out what worked and what didn’t”Explains Jenny.

One of the most iconic looks of 'Cruella': red skirt.

Photo: Special

The designer says she also really enjoyed the costume selection process for the baroness character, who wears 33 different looks in the film. “Emma Thompson has an incredible figure and really enjoys wearing the kind of dresses that identify the Baroness. That was key because it really took them with a lot of personality“Says the designer, and Thompson adds:”We kind of channel screen divas, from Joan Crawford to Elizabeth Taylor.”.

One of Emma Thompson's most iconic looks in Disney's 'Cruella'

Photo: Disney

The Mexican workshop involved in the looks of ‘Cruella’

The movies are full of details and nods to various causes and groups, and ‘Cruella’ is no exception.

For this live action, Disney invested in fashion with creative, innovative development and social change. That said, the film’s production brought together social organizations from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil to join the project and promote the inclusion of people in vulnerable situations through trades in the textile industry.

sketch of the clothes from the movie 'cruella'


In Mexico we worked with Impact to make unique garments such as jackets, t-shirts, ponchos and accessories, and give them a stamp inspired by the spirit of ‘Cruella’.

What is Impact?

According to its official website, Impacto is a group of women who create and transform new realities through a sustainable and innovative development platform to contribute to the harmony of life (Lekil Kuxlejal) of indigenous peoples.

The association, founded in 2012, began by strengthening the artisan textile and coffee production sectors in Chiapas. Almost 10 years after its creation, Impacto has expanded its programs to Traditional Friday, clothing; Moringa impact that seeks to improve the economy and health of women and their families in the states of Veracruz and Yucatán, through the planting and commercialization of the moringa leaf.

Mexican workshop that participated in Cruella

Photo: Impact

Impacto Café, Impacto Educación, is a transversal program of Impact whose objective is to promote the potential of vulnerable young people from Los Altos de Chiapas, through innovative pedagogical approaches, connecting them beyond the geographical, social and economic borders of their community, and Finally, Impacto Comunicación, a program focuses on strengthening the capacities of social organizations and companies to communicate and promote their products and services, promoting their economic and social development.