‘I wish I hadn’t done it’: The movie that puts Sandra Bullock to shame

Sandra Bullock, 57, is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood. The American adds more than 20 productions, between cinema and television, which have established her in the audiovisual industry.

Among his repertoire there is a movie you didn’t feel good aboutbecause the plot and the character that it exemplified were not in accordance with their expectations.

“I have one that no one went near and I’m still embarrassed that I was there. It’s called ‘Speed ​​2’. I’ve talked a lot about it. Has no sense. slow boat. Slowly going to an island, ”she assured in a chat with the entertainment portal ‘Toofab’.

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What was the movie about?

I’m still ashamed that I was there

By ‘slow boat’ he meant that the film was very boring. This film was the sequel to ‘Speed’ (1994), starring Keanu Reeves. For the second part, the director changed her leading role, but kept Bullock in her role as ‘Annie Porter’.

‘Speed ​​2’ (in Latin America it was called ‘Maximum speed 2’), over 125 minutes, shows the journey and adventures of ‘Annie Porter’ and her boyfriend ‘Alex Sahw’ -actor Jason Patric’s role- to prevent a hijacked ship from crashing into an oil tanker. In the end, she reaches an island.

“That’s one I wish I hadn’t done and it wasn’t seen by the fans that I know of. Except you,” he told the journalist interviewing her.

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He was absolutely right. As reported by the media ‘Variety’, the action tape failed at the box office because it only managed to raise 164 million dollars, an amount that covered the 160 million dollars that were invested in making it. She did not meet audience goals.

“(The plot) was very calm. Like, almost, five people. He (journalist) and the other four children, 12 years old, watched as the slow boat headed towards the small island,” he joked.

Keanu Reeves was not involved in the production.

I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock

In fact, the actor Keanu Reeves revealed some time ago that he decided to reject ‘Speed ​​2’, since he did not like the script.

“I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock, I loved playing ‘Jack Traven,’ and I loved ‘Speed,’ but a transatlantic ship? I had nothing against the artists involved, but at the time I had a feeling that the film was not the right thing to do,” he said on ‘The Graham Norton Show’.

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As if that were not enough, not only was it a box office disaster, but it was awarded the Razzie -awards opposed to the Oscars- for the worst sequel or second part.Despite this, Sandra Bullock remains current in the industry. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best actress for the film ‘The Blind Side’ (2010).

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‘I wish I hadn’t done it’: The movie that puts Sandra Bullock to shame