“I don’t want anyone to get hurt”: the director of ‘Terrifier 2’ advises watching the first movie before going to the movies

The demonic clown Art The Clown was already known to fans of the genre, but the unexpected box office success of the sequel has also made headlines for the fainting, vomiting and running away that have taken place in theaters.

“Super mega ultra gore.” “Unpleasant”. “The best plan of Halloween”. This is how some critics describe Terrifier 2, the sequel to the 2016 slasher film Terrifier directed by Damien Leone that has hit theaters in the United States and has become a real surprise at the box office.

They also give us An important piece of advice: “Calm your nerves and prepare your stomach”.

With better reviews than the first film and again with its dark and creepy Art The Clown as its star nightmare character, terrier 2 is generating a lot of noise in recent weeks. Despite being a low-budget film and sequel to a film that had a very discreet release and reviews in 2016, the second film It has barely cost 250,000 dollars – twice as much as the first one -, but it has already exceeded 5 million in collections.

And taking into account the publicity that the latest news is giving it, especially in the middle of Halloween week, the figures promise to increase. On the one hand, Stephen King has given him some praise through his Twitter account, but the fact is that, previously, the film had already been put under the spotlight by estar causing various fainting and vomiting among moviegoers as a result of his scenes of explicit violence, with brutal and bloody deaths

There is no doubt that terrier 2 is one of the most controversial horror movies of the year, but it has rained since Damien Leone created his terrible murderer protagonist. Killer clown Art the Clown first appeared in the short films The 9th Circle (2008) and terrier (2011), before making her first film appearance in the anthology All Hallows’ Eve (2008), also directed by Leone. Portrayed by Mike Giannelli, the character would star terrier in 2016 and in terrier 2 He is played by David Howard Thornton.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyDamien Leone tells how he developed the idea of ​​Art the Clown initially for the short films: “I had this idea of ​​a clown terrorizing a woman on a city bus. She’s alone, coming home from work or whatever, in the middle of at night and this clown comes in and sits across from her and starts looking at her and playing with her. It’s weird and awkward and maybe even funny, but then he just gets more and more intimidating and aggressive. I thought it was just a interesting and strange idea”.

In terrier 2, after he is resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County, where he seeks to hunt down a teenage girl and her younger brother in the middle of Halloween night, which is her weakness. However, once the impact is seen, the director advises the public to see the first film before leaving the cinema to see the controversial sequel that everyone talks about and that it is much bloodier than the first part.

“I would love to see some people walk out of the room, I think it’s like a badge of honor because the movie is intense. But I don’t want anyone to pass out and get hurt. If You Watch ‘Terrifier 1’ You’ll Know What You’re Getting Into

Unfortunately, it is not yet expected terrier 2 is released in theaters or streaming platforms in Spain, but the first film has been available since March in the Prime Video catalog and on Filmin.

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“I don’t want anyone to get hurt”: the director of ‘Terrifier 2’ advises watching the first movie before going to the movies