How would you die in a horror movie based on your zodiac sign?

Halloween is approaching, the atmosphere is dyed with cobwebs, pumpkins and very gloomy decoration. But what about those horror stories that are not decorated with adorable ghosts and very original candies? Those stories that are very scary and that always have a dramatic, gloomy and very dark plot. We are going to imagine that the signs are experiencing a situation of terror and here we capture their ideal death. If you want to see how would you die in a horror movie according to your zodiac signkeep reading:


In a horror movie you would be the friend who is not afraid of the dark, the one who goes first when it comes to being a detective or something similar. How would you die or why? Very simple: surely you would think of an escape plan from a scary situation on your own because you love being a leader, and that’s when you screw up because you act without thinking and that’s not a good thing. But you would die as the maximum leader of the group.


As the good earth sign that you are, it is obvious that your stubbornness and your stubbornness here would lead you headlong to a fatal end. You would have a very harsh behavior and you would not change your mind at any time. How could you die? Here is an example: you are with your friends in a terrifying house, you all want to get out of there and you organize a plan. To you the plan does not seem reliable and you would make another on your own. Because of that, you would be left alone and ZAS, your death is just around the corner.


You would be the most likeable character, the one who always finds the positive side of every surreal thing that happens. In a horror movie you would be a person that everyone cries for, because even in your death you would be the best friend, as you normally are in your normal life. And how would you die? Saving your group of friends from death by sacrificing your own life and putting a touch of humor to that fatal ending. Very Gemini. All very dramatic.


You would die in maximum drama plan with very dark music as a soundtrack and you know it. Surely in a crime of passion, or in some escape in some dark tunnel inside a collapsed house, with tears in his eyes and a huge cocktail of very intense emotions. Visualize that moment Cancer, in horror movies there is always an emotional and dramatic moment that ends in a fatal ending and you know it. Everyone would remember you.


A dark, passionate murder packed with intense emotions, that could be your big horror movie ending. You are a very fiery person, so it is very likely that you will lose control because of love and ZAS, you fall in love with the murderer or the wrong person and that’s it. There is no one better than you to create an Oscar-worthy show and to capture the attention of the whole world, you are always the center of attention.


In a horror movie, you’ll be the character who’s angry at the world because they feel like everyone else isn’t smart enough to get out of a dangerous situation. How would you die? In your case there are two options: either you die to go on your own because you don’t trust the plans of others, or you would sacrifice yourself as an ultimate hero in a moment of impulsiveness, because it can also give you…


We’re sorry Pound, you would have a very disappointing end for your self-love, but for your friends you would be the guardian angel because you would surely die for them to keep them safe. In a horror movie you would be the character who stays behind helping everyone and then can’t escape because something happens to him at the last minute. It’s sad, yes, but it honors you a lot because you never abandon your friends.


In your case it is not clear, because you have more chances to be the murderer than to be the murdered character and you know it. How could you die in a horror movie? You have the vibes of being the bravest character, but also the most risky and the most “crazy”, so it is very likely that you will make some wrong decision at the last moment. That, or you would sacrifice yourself to save your group of friends or your family. In your case it’s confusing…


You would be the adventurous character who doesn’t see the real danger of the darkest of situations. The one who doesn’t feel the darkness because he only sees the positive side of everything. The crazy head who doesn’t think before acting. It’s obvious, with this we can already guess what your ending could be in a horror movie. You have all the ballots to be the character that dies due to some silly mistake or due to some recklessness. Deep down you know because it happens to you in real life…


You can discover the murderer because you would be the most intelligent character, but that discovery could lead to a fatal end. Or maybe not, you may be the character who ultimately makes a deal with the killer, more likely it will be YOU who ends up with the killer at the last moment. You would be a very cunning person, you know how to act at all times and no one would suspect you because you would be the one who transmits the most confidence. A work of art yours.


You have all the ballots to be the character who lives in his world and who dies for not paying attention to the signs of danger or the warnings of the group of friends that accompanies him on a dangerous expedition. You always go your own way, that’s 100% real and in a horror movie that gesture would turn against you because you wouldn’t pay attention to your surroundings and ZAS, the murderer kills you at the last moment.


Neither your innocent face, nor your cuddly cat eyes nor your intuition would save you from having a dramatic and very intense death, the typical death of the most loved or hated character. How could you die in a horror movie? In your case it could be a death by poisoning in a very nice glass of wine. If you have seen Game of Thrones, remember the death of Joffrey Baratheon who was poisoned at his best moment, his wedding. Total drama.

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How would you die in a horror movie based on your zodiac sign?