How one of the most violent and wicked movies of recent years has become a box office phenomenon

His approach is pure genre cinema for hardened fans: a sinister clown that would make Pennywise himself shudder wanders through a city indiscriminately killing everyone who crosses his path. She has no origin story, there is no explanation why she sometimes seems to have supernatural powers, we are not told who the sinister girl is clown who accompanies him and helps him in his outrages. Art the Clown is pure ghastly abstraction for perfect Halloween carnage.

And he is the protagonist of the two films that make up the ‘Terrifier’ saga, in addition to making his debut in one of the fragments that make up the episodic film ‘The Eve of Halloween’. Authentic visual delicatessens with absolutely minimal plot and characters, and born to be enjoyed preferably in a group and cheering on the brutal crimes that are shown in great detail. And in the case of ‘Terrifier 2’, in addition, we are facing a sensational box office success.

The original idea for ‘Terrifier 2’ was for it to have a limited theatrical release (barely 800 theaters) from October 6before moving on to the platform streaming specialized in Screambox horror movies and domestic physical formats, where these types of movies usually make a killing. But word of mouth and a series of small scandals, the kind that come in handy for the promotion of films of this type, are turning it into the blockbuster surprise of the year.

A chilling success

With a budget of just $250,000, much of it financed by crowdfunding (and another part at the hands of the portal specialized in horror news Bloody Disgusting), in its first weekend it comfortably recovered with 403,900 dollars of collection, which multiplied exponentially: just over a million dollars in its second week and almost two in the third. The forecasts for these favorable dates for horror films (without a doubt, the most profitable genre of the year) point to five million by the end of the month. It is not surprising that its distributor has thought of expanding its exhibition to more than a thousand rooms.

They are not the exorbitant amounts that a Marvel production handles, but you have to put the film in its context: we are talking about an absolutely ridiculous budget and a film whose brutality is out of the measurements. Also, unlike other landmarks of indie horror, such as ‘Saw‘, ‘Hostel’ or the mother of the lamb in that sense, ‘The Blair Witch Project’, has not had the support in the distribution of a major. The success of ‘Terrifier 2’ is literally to its credit alone.

A success that has also been increased by the aforementioned scandals and controversies in his still short career, with viewers counting by social networks that they or their companions they have fainted or have vomited. The visual brutality of the film has forced its producers to open the screenings with a warning message. In Spain we will have the opportunity to check if the public is just as hard at the Terror Molins film festival, where its projection is planned. At the moment nothing is known about a possible distribution in theaters or platforms.

But… is the movie okay or what? Of course, if you’re interested in the most extreme versions of terror, this is a must: ‘Terrifier 2’ has a frankly interesting spirit of pure outrageousness, and his troglodyte sense of humor and his commitment to practical special effects connect, in fact, with the origins of splatter, when sequences from seminal classics like ‘Blood Feast’ or ‘2000 Maniacs’ were more hysterical tableaus drenched in red paint than genuine action-crime sequences, which is what the genre has become. Not for all stomachs, but that’s the magic of cinema. Of brutal, foolish and necessary cinema.

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How one of the most violent and wicked movies of recent years has become a box office phenomenon