How much do the stars earn? This is the salary of Daniel Craig, Keanu Reeves, Dwayne Johnson

How much do our favorite actors earn? Much, much money. We know that, but this week that concept has been specified in figures. For instance, Daniel Craig received $ 100 million for the two sequels to Puals in the back, that they are already rolling; while Keanu Reeves will receive in advance a number around 12-14 million per Matrix 4. But they are not the only actors whose salary has been revealed: Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and many more are also featured in the list revealed by Variety.

Hollywood Salaries: This is what our favorite actors earn

  • Daniel Craig: sequels to Puales from the Back (Netflix) – $ 100 million
  • Dwayne Johnson: Red One (Amazon) – $ 50 million
  • Will Smith: King Richard (WB/HBO Max) – 40 millones de dlares
  • Denzel Washington: The Little Things (WB/HBO Max) – 40 millones de dlares
  • Leonardo Dicaprio: Don’t Look Up (Netflix) – 30 millones de dlares
  • Mark Wahlberg: Spenser Confidential (Netflix) – 30 millones de dlares
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Don’t Look Up (Netflix) – 25 millones de dlares
  • Julia Roberts: Leave the World Behind (Netflix) – 25 millones de dlares
  • Sandra Bullock: The Lost City of D (Paramount) – 20 millones de dlares
  • Ryan Gosling: The Gray Man (Netflix) – 20 millones de dlares
  • Chris Hemsworth: Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) – 20 millones de dlares
  • Brad Pitt: Bullet Train (Sony) – $ 20 million
  • Michael B. Jordan: Without Remorse (Amazon) – 15 millones de dlares
  • Tom Cruise: Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount) – $ 13 million
  • Keanu Reeves: The Matrix 4 (WB / HBO Max) – $ 12 million to $ 14 million in advance
  • Chris Pine: Dungeons and Dragons (Paramount) – 11,5 millones de dlares
  • Robert Pattinson: The Batman (Warner Bros.) – 3 millones de dlares

In the list we find from the top of the 100 million dollars of Daniel Craig to the scarce 3 million that Robert Pattinson will earn to make The Batman. We imagine the idea is that Pattinson, once he makes his debut as the Dark Knight in the Matt Reeves film, makes a lot more money with upcoming projects; especially considering that the director had a whole trilogy in mind. So maybe Pattinson’s final salary as Batman will go up higher in the future.

Daniel Craig tops the list with 100 million, while Pattinson is last with 3 million for The Batman

In the first places we also discovered Dwayne Johnson, than to earn 50 million for participating in Red One from Amazon; while Will Smith by King Richard from HBO Max earn another 40 million. In turn, Denzel Washington star in Small details with Rami Malek and Jared Leto, which will allow him to earn 40 million dollars.

As they point from Collider, it must be taken into account that Bullock, Pitt, Cruise Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine could earn much more once the box office bonuses are factored in, as his films will debut exclusively in theaters. But, as we said at the beginning of the article: yes, our favorite actors make a lot, a lot of money.

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