How many books does “The School of Good and Evil” have and how to read them in order

As part of your of the month, on October 19, Netflix launched ““, a directed by Paul Feig and based on the 2013 novel written by Soman Chainani, who started a series of books around the story.

The tape chases two friends,who are put to the test when they are transported to a magical school for future fairy tale heroes and villains, where they will meet other classmates and discover things in themselves that they did not know until then.

The success of netflix movie has revived the popularity of the book series, consisting of six volumes and a companion guide to characters and abilities.


The production has tried to keep all the details of the books, although some creative licenses have been taken in the film, which were explained by director Paul Feig, who had the support of author Soman Chainani.

It’s hard for an author or creator of any original material to give it to someone else and let them reinterpret it, but it was very important to have Soman involved because he’s their baby.”, he highlighted.

For his part, Chainani acknowledged that his entire vision cannot be captured, since the director’s perspective has also been added, although he was satisfied with the collaboration: “Only a foolish author would insist on a slavish translation that only speaks to the most literal readers – a reader’s imagination is usually much more vivid and accurate than anything that can be put on the screen”, he commented.


The School of Good and Evil (2013)

It begins with the legend of a school where you learn to be a hero or villain of fairy tales, and every four years two young people from the town of Gavaldón are kidnapped to attend the magical institution. This time, the candidates are Sophie, who seems to fit the School of Good, and Agatha, who might lean towards the School of Evil.

However, despite their characteristics, both end up in different places. While Sophie is sent to learn curses and attacks, Agatha must study etiquette classes and how to be a true princess.

“The School for Good and Evil” 2013 (Photo: Goodreads)

A World Without Princes (2014)

After “putting things in their place”, both young women return home, but their peace will be threatened sooner rather than later.

While the girls are trained to be witches and princesses in a world without princes, there is a place called Tedros, where the children are, who are preparing for a war between schools, so only Agatha and Sophie can avoid a fight.

"A World Without Princes" 2014 (Photo: Goodreads)
“A World Without Princes” from 2014 (Photo: Goodreads)

Last Forever (2015)

The friends have parted ways, each arm in arm with a child, and seem to walk away from trouble, but former villains will return to unbalance the world of good and evil.

"The Last Ever After" 2015 (Photo: Goodreads)
“The Last Ever After” from 2015 (Photo: Goodreads)

The Ever Never Handbook (2016)

It is a guide for school students, with which they will learn to survive their own fairy tale. Throughout the manual are full-color illustrations, character interviews, diaries, short stories, and more.

"The Ever Never Handbook" 2016 (Photo: Goodreads)
“The Ever Never Handbook” from 2016 (Photo: Goodreads)

Glory Missions (2017)

The School Master’s defeat brings a new beginning to the school, so the Evers and Nevers must leave the school in their fourth year and seek adventure and challenge, under the guidance of Agatha and Tedros, who are trying to bring Camelot back. to her former splendor as queen and king.

Amidst the chaos, Sophie must mold the School of Evil in her image, while trying to keep it from spilling over.

"glory missions" 2013 (Photo: Goodreads)
“Glory Missions” from 2013 (Photo: Goodreads)

A Crystal of Time (2019)

A traitor has seized the throne of Camelot and sentenced Tedros, the true king, to death, while Queen Agatha has narrowly escaped. For her part, Sophie has been trapped and must marry the impostor.

In a race against time, Agatha and the students of the “School of Good and Evil” must restore Tedros to the throne and save Camelot, before their fairy tales come to a terrible end.

"A Crystal of Time" 2019 (Photo: Goodreads)
“A Crystal of Time” from 2019 (Photo: Goodreads)

A True King (2020)

As Tedros is freed, the impostor gains nearly invincible power, so they must all unite in the final battle of the saga.

"One True King" 2020 (Photo: Goodreads)
2020’s “One True King” (Photo: Goodreads)


  • Sophia Wylie as Agatha
  • Sophia Anne Caruso as Sophie
  • Laurence Fishburne as the School Master
  • Michelle Yeoh as Professor Emma Anemone
  • Jamie Flatters as Tedros
  • Kit Young as Rafal
  • Peter Serafinowicz
  • Kerry Washington as Professor Clarissa Dovey
  • Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso
  • Cate Blanchett as the narrator/voice of Storian
  • Earl Cave as Hort
  • Freya Theodora Parks as Hester
  • Demi Isaac Oviawe as Anadil

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How many books does “The School of Good and Evil” have and how to read them in order