How Hugh Jackman could return as Wolverine in Marvel Studios

Will we see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine again? There is a spectacular Marvel Studios movie in which he could return.

Since Disney I buy FOX, the film rights of the mutants of the X-Men belong to Marvel Studios. For that reason, there is so much desire to be able to see all these characters again in the who, but we always thought they would reset them all except for Deadpool from Ryan Reynolds. But it seems that we will be able to see once again Hugh Jackman What Wolverine.

The last time we saw the character was in the movie Logan 2017. That story is considered a perfect ending for the beloved mutant, plus the actor Hugh Jackman has commented on occasion that he does not want to return, but it seems that something has changed and we can see it in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (2022). It is also one of the great reasons why the premiere of the film was delayed, since they have re-shot to include it.

How did they convince you?

At the beginning of this year, Hugh Jackman sparked many rumors of his return as Wolverine when he shared the art of Wolverine on his Instagram story and posted a photo with the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. But he was quick to shut down the speculation, claiming that while playing Wolverine was “the role of his life,” it is now part of his past and is now over.

Hugh Jackman unleashes madness with his possible return as Wolverine

But the one who did return is Patrick Stewart As the Professor X. When they explained how they were going to introduce the leader of the X-Men, it seems that they convinced him completely. So in the end they will both be in the movie. But they will be variants of the characters, which means that they will be different from the Wolverine and to Professor X that we have seen so far in the movies.

Here we leave you the filtration of the plot of the movie Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, but at no time is the Wolverine from Hugh Jackman, although it did explain how we would see the Professor X from Patrick Stewart. But what is clear is that we will have to wait to see the movie on May 6, 2022 to know everything they have planned. While we wait, we can see the rest of the deliveries of Marvel Studios on Disney Plus.

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How Hugh Jackman could return as Wolverine in Marvel Studios