Home remedies to clean your keys with Valentina sauce!

Although we take care of our objects such as keys, metal and kitchen utensils, the use will cause it to form oxide and make stains that make them look older. It is difficult to prevent this from happening, but it is very simple remove stains, with a home remedy that anyone can do.

To do this, we only need a couple of objects that we have at home, that is, a little baking soda and the traditional Mexican sauce. Valentina. If you don’t have this brand, there is also a red chili one called Tamazula, which can be used.

This remedy will serve to clean screws, nuts, nails, keys, plates, forks, pans and other metal objects. They are only four steps And it won’t take you any time

How to clean metals with Valentina sauce?

There are only four steps to follow, to leave your metals, keys and kitchen utensils, as new. The first thing you should do is put a generous portion of Valentina sauce on the object you want to clean. Spread it out and let it cover all the places where there are stains from use.

Put sauce on the entire surface of the object you want to clean
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2.- Let the object you are cleaning rest for at least three hours. After that time has passed, put baking soda and cover the entire surface, this is the trick To make it work. Leave it for five minutes and you are ready for the next step.

Besides Valentina you need baking soda
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3.- Under the water jet, carve with a dishwasher sponge, as if you were washing the object. Try to lather and scrub until you can see the difference between the stained and clean areas.

Rinse the baking soda and carve the object
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4.- Rinse the object and dry it. You will see that it looks like new.

The object looks much cleaner
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Home remedies to clean your keys with Valentina sauce!