Henry Cavill Reacts To Being Cast By Fans As James Bond

Will Henry Cavill Play James Bond? It is something that many fans would like and the actor is flattered by it.

The actor henry cavill has shown throughout his film career that he would be a magnificent james-bond. Since she has played similar roles in movies like UNCLE Operation (2015), Impossible Mission: Fallout (2018) and Argyle which will premiere in 2023.

That’s why now that Daniel Craig has left the character, many hope that his replacement will be henry cavill and maybe the movie will help you Argyle. Since he will play an international spy. So in a recent interview with UTsaid:

“Who knows, I guess time will tell. We had to have this slightly larger-than-life character in play that we could really have fun with.”

While, about the fans, henry cavill said:

“It’s hugely flattering to read those articles that appear all the time about James Bond and who’s the favorite. I enjoy it, of course. But it’s about how much time I have, and these roles have to be respected and a lot of work has to be done on them. You can’t just jump from one iconic role to another without time to prepare them.”

Now it will focus on Superman.

A henry cavill he likes to play so much Superman in the DC Comics movies that he has even left The Witcher series where he gives life to Geralt of Rivia. Luckily, the third season is already shot and soon we will be able to see the new episodes on Netflix.

So, henry cavill probably won’t be james-bond for focusing on Superman, since surely in 2023 they will announce who will be the new 007. But if he is very busy and has to stop being Geralt of Riviawill probably also have to go from becoming the most famous secret agent in the cinema.

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Henry Cavill Reacts To Being Cast By Fans As James Bond