“He was a good man, he was a good soul, a great human being”, Devastated Eugenio Derbez in Hoy

After the unfortunate news of Sammy perez who left fighting to overcome the complications derived from v1rus, Eugenio Derbez broke the silence in Today and he was shocked: “I am very sad.”

It should be remembered that Sammy perez He remained hospitalized after having contracted the condition for which he was taken to the hospital, unfortunately, the consequences that will cause him, added to other conditions, led him to present a cardiovascular heart attack on the morning of this July 30 at 03:50 in the morning , it transcended.

Given this, Eugenio Derbez He manifested himself on social networks before the sensitive loss of the one he distinguished as a “great friend and collaborator”, it was in an interview in Today where he expressed his feelings.

I am really very sad, for me he was a very special person, he was not just a co-worker, he was my great, great, great friend, I loved him very much, I had a very strong and very good relationship with him, outside of the job.

The remembered actor, who shared several years of work with the producer and comedian, Eugenio Derbez, particularly in “XHDRBZ” Y “Derbez in When“He shared what their relationship was like off-camera

Every time I had a party, a birthday when I lived in Mexico, he always went, he was a person that I loved very much and he was very close to me, so it hurts because he was a good man, he was a good soul, a great being. Human ”, said Derbez when he began the talk with the hosts of the morning of Televisa.

Eugenio Derbez González, who also invited Sammy Pérez to participate in his film “No refunds“He was afflicted with the news during the interview he gave to the Hoy program.

Undoubtedly, like many people, followers and friends of the artist, they waited for a miracle in his recovery, although the outlook looked increasingly bleak for the native of Pantépec, Puebla.

The actor of programs, series and films, Eugenio Derbez, shares the moment in which he found out the news, after a phone call.

Today in the morning, at 4 in the morning, his nephews told me that he had left and well, here we are

In the midst of the details that emerged in recent days about the delicate health of the actor from “El Calabozo” and “Toma Libre”, the producer, Eugenio Derbez, mentioned the close relationship he has with the relatives of Sammy who have put him aware of the economic situation they are going through in the face of hospital expenses.

He was in contact with his nephews, who are practically the only family that cares for him, because I think there are no more family, two nephews, Dany and Jessica, but they are very young, I think they are 22 and 32 years old, something So.

The 59-year-old actor of tapes like “Man to water“,” How to be a Latin Lover “,” Dora, the Lost City “, among other titles, he explained that the actor’s nephews requested his support to spread the message where they request donations to cover hospital expenses.

Sammy unfortunately did not have health insurance, so he was admitted to the private hospital emergency, and as the account began to grow, I think yesterday they told me that it had already exceeded, it was close to half a million pesos, so they asked me if I could repost the video they uploaded.

Finally, Eugenio Derbez, who after being notified of the actor’s sad outcome recalled the moment when Pérez worked with him on the first film that he directed with great nostalgia, and in which he shared on social networks with a farewell message.

Today in the morning my network team sent me the scene they did in ‘No refunds are accepted’, where precisely Sammy talks about death, and it gave me a lot of sadness, joy and sadness at the same time because it is a beautiful scene,

“Sammy shone wherever you put it”

The son of Silvia Derbez, He commented that “Sammy was a good soul, a being of light”, and through the morning he shared with the conductors memories of the scenes in which he participated:

“Do you remember when you were filming the scene with Sammy? ‘, The people in the film told me’ what are you doing? ‘, That is, they did not understand, because it was a very different way of filming Sammy, I could not film it in the traditional way, then until they saw it already edited was when they understood, and Sammy was a wonderful being that where you put it, it shone ”, he commented.