He triumphed at the Cine de Oro, but ended up committing suicide: 110 years of Pedro Armendáriz

the mexican actor Pedro Armendariz Known for participating in films such as “María Elena”, “Rosario”, “My Candidate” and “La Adelita”, she would have her birthday this Monday, May 9, so here we remember who she was and how she died.

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Who was Pedro Armendariz?

Pedro Gregorio Armendariz Hastings He was born in Mexico City on May 9, 1912. He was the son of the Mexican Pedro Armendáriz and the American Adela Hastings, with whom he lived in Texas during his early years.

The actor studied Engineering at the California Polytechnic State Universitywhere he had his first contact with acting by participating in plays.

After finishing his studies, the actor from the Cine de Oro moved to Mexico City, where he worked as a railroad worker, later as a tourist guide and finally as a bilingual journalist for the magazine México Real.

When he turned 22, Pedro made his first film “María Elena”, where he began his career as an actor.

His acting career

Armendáriz was discovered by director Miguel Zacarías when he was reciting a monologue from Hamlet to a tourist. Later, after filming his first film, the Mexican became the favorite of the Mexican director Emilio Fernandezwho gave him his best tapes.

With the support of Emilio Fernández, the interpreter developed very characteristic features in his personalities, since they were characterized by being manly, strong, peasants and revolutionaries.

Armendáriz commits suicide at the age of 51

On June 18, 1983, the Cine de Oro actor committed suicide at the age of 51 after shooting himself in the chest with a pistol that had smuggled the weapon into the hospital where he was because he was ill with cancer.

The actor, who died at the age of 51, had become ill after being exposed to high levels of radiation when he filmed ‘The Conqueror’, as the film was filmed in Utah, a place where the US government had been conducting nuclear tests. At that time, the production was unaware of the dangers of working in a place like this and many of the actors fell ill with cancer and died years later.


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He triumphed at the Cine de Oro, but ended up committing suicide: 110 years of Pedro Armendáriz