He scams a woman 170,000 euros by making her believe she is Brad Pitt and has fallen in love with her

Since Boabdil’s pitiful sigh no one had suffered so much in Granada. According to him he publishes 20 minutesa neighbor of the city has filed a legal complaint as alleged victim of a scam of at least 170,000 euros by a person who, with bad arts, posed as the American actor Brad Pitt.

Antonio Estella Aroza, lawyer from the Esya Legal firm handling the case, has told how this middle-aged woman became the victim of an alleged scam that It began in early 2022, when the victim decided to contact a fan club of the acclaimed actor through Facebook.. From there, she ended up contacting someone who posed as the interpreter and, little by little, love emerged.

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The alleged scammer managed to win their trust, friendship, and heart as they made plans for the future. Internet user Pitt decided to up the ante by planning with our protagonist an imminent filming in Spain of which both would be starsbut for this he needed some budget that, for some reason, he did not have at hand.

Expenses associated with production continued to rise while the woman received photos of Pitt at select events, premieres and red carpets, many of them personalized so that the receiver did not doubt its delivered issuer. That was small change if it ended up appearing in one of the best love films in the history of cinema.

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However, time went by and Brad did not drop by Granada. The guy released one of the best action movies of 2022, ‘Bullet Train’ (David Leitch, 2022), which was followed by ‘The Lost City’ (Aaron Nee, Adam Nee, 2022) and ‘Babylon’ (2022), but he did not find a place to go to see the poor woman who, finally, began to suspect that she was being the victim of a scam.

By the time he decided to take legal action, the money invested in the fake Pitt’s expenses exceeded 170,000 euros, so whoever hid behind the image of the actor is accused of committing crimes of fraud, identity theft and possible money laundering.

This sad story, which could have made it off our list of the best movies about thieves and grand theft, reminds us of the importance of being cautious with our online interactions. Anyone can be a victim of deception and scams, but, in reality, it is easy not to fall for deception if we follow these five simple rules to avoid being the protagonist of any of the best movies (and series) with the Internet as the protagonist:

  • You never send money to anyone you meet online.
  • Never share personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords or bank details.
  • Remember that all the attractive profiles you interact with hide a middle-aged man with evil intentions.
  • Offers that are too good to be true are not true.
  • If something looks suspicious to you, it is suspicious.
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He scams a woman 170,000 euros by making her believe she is Brad Pitt and has fallen in love with her