“He raped me, caressed me, put me on all fours and abused me”: The painful and bitter story of Anne Heche with a rapist father, an accomplice mother and three deceased brothers | People | Entertainment

After being involved in a serious car accident, Anne Heche She died this Friday, at the age of 53, after being disconnected from the artificial respirator that kept her alive at the West Hills hospital, north of The Angels.

to the famous actress Already he had been declared brain dead yesterday and his agony only lasted a few hours to see if some of his organs might be useful for transplants. Unfortunately for Heche, tragedy, after all, accompanied her life from beginning to end.

The dramatic story of Anne Heche

According to review InfobaeAnne Celeste Heche became famous during the 1990s after her appearance on the novel titled “Another World”, although he had started his first jobs at the age of 12, in order to help his family go ahead.

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A few years later he made the leap to cinemawith films as “Donnie Brasco” alongside Johnny Depp“Six days and seven nights” with Harrison Ford and in the thriller “Return to Paradise”, with joaquin phoenix Y Vince Vaughn.

The life of the actress itself was always plagued with pain and anguish, and her story has many tragic undertones. To begin with, her family was very unstable and moved constantly, until they settled in Chicago during his adolescence.

In 1983, his father, Donald Joe Heche He became one of the first people to USA to be diagnosed with HIV.

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In a interview from 1998 with AllureHeche said her father lived as a religious choir leader while he toured gay bars at night. He died from the illness at 45 years old.

After her death, the actress confessed: “We were poor, but we said we were rich. We had a father who lived a double life, but we pretended that we were absolutely fine. We lived on the streets but we denied it. Everything we did was a lie,” Anne admitted about her dysfunctional family.

The abuse of his father and the death of his brothers

In his 2001 memoir, “call me crazy”, Heche revealed that her father sexually abused her and contracted genital herpes. “He raped me… fondled me, put me on all fours and abused me,” she wrote. She also claimed that her mother always knew and she decided to keep quiet.

“I think my father was a sex addict. I think he saw everyone as a sexual being,” he recounted in an interview with Larry King in 2001.

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Three months after their father’s death, Heche’s 18-year-old brother Nathan was killed in a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into a tree, though the actress claimed he committed suicide.

His sister, Susan Bergman, who published her own childhood memoirs in 1994, died of a brain tumor in 2006. In 2019, Bergman’s widower was killed along with his second wife when a drunk driver crashed into their taxi. the one they were travelling.

In that story it was possible to read that his father was gay, the double life they discovered the same year he died.

It should be noted that before the death of his two brothers, his other sister, Cynthia, died at two months of age due to a heart defect.

Anne Heche believed she was God’s messenger

According to the website TNafter separating from Ellen Degenereswith whom she had a relationship of three and a half years, in 2000, Heche was arrested in ash tree, Californiafor wandering around in her underwear and breaking into a stranger’s house.

When the police arrived at the scene, she replied that she was the “sent of God” and that she was going to take everyone to heaven.

Some time after this event, she herself revealed that, after the sexual abuse suffered in his childhood A personality called “Celestia” had been created, who was the daughter of God and sister of Jesus and who had the mission of making the world a better place.

Years later, Heche admitted that she was under the influence of ecstasy and that he had a “psychotic break”. (AND)

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“He raped me, caressed me, put me on all fours and abused me”: The painful and bitter story of Anne Heche with a rapist father, an accomplice mother and three deceased brothers | People | Entertainment