“He is like that”, will it have a second part on Netflix?

Is “He is like this 2” a reality? The movie just appeared in and some users have wondered if the Mark Waters tape will get a second installment. The fiction stars Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan (Robby Keene in “Cobra Kai”) who play Padgett and Cameron. The story has had a number of comments as it is a remake of “She’s All That” from 1999.

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The focuses on Padgettwho is a influence with great arrival in social networks such as Tik Tok e Instagram. She also gets some monetary gains promoting brands through their bill, which helps her contribute to the family economy.

And this is a very important point for the protagonist, because her mother is a nurse who works long hours to pay off some debts. Also, Padgett wants to put together money to study after school and agreement with a could make your dreams come true.

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However, a bad move by a supposed friend, leaves her with the image of perfection destroyed in the , losing any type of opportunity to obtain more money for their interests. Therefore, in an act of regaining his popularity, he agrees to convert Cameron, his more introverted classmate, into a popular boy.


The second part of the movie “He is like this” is not confirmed, because there is no official information on Netflix nor of those responsible for the films. The film was released on August 27 and its passage through the preferences of the public have not been the best.

That point is important when Netflix considers the idea of ​​making a sequel to the stories it produces. So far, according to the page Rotten Tomatoes, the film has obtained a 23% rating by critics and the audience in general.

If the film does better in the next few days, maybe we can talk about a possibility for a second part. But, otherwise and as is usually the case with Romantic comedies, only the story will end with that installment, just as it happened with “She’s All That ”(” She is like that ”) at the time.

In this version of the movie She is like this (1999), an influencer accepts a challenge: to make the lonely boy from school the king of prom. (Photo: Netflix)


The movie “She’s All That” (“She is like that”) it was the predecessor of the Netflix film “He is like that”. The film, released in 1999, has a similar story to the current film, but with a female version and without social networks. It features the performances of Freddie Prinze, Jr. , Rachael Leigh Cook and Paul Walker And it was one of the highest-grossing and popular films of the late 1990s.

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