HBO Max will remove from its catalog this film with Robert De Niro, based on real events, and that you must see

Despite some of the criticism he has received for recent work in some comic productions, Robert De Niro He has shown throughout his career that he is someone dedicated to his work, regardless of whether the projects are large or small, proof of this was his intense performance in Meeting Flynn (Being Flynn), a film that premiered in 2012 and that you will be able to see for a few days before it leaves the catalog of HBO Max.

Under the direction and script of Paul Weitz, the film featured the participation of Robert De Niro, Paul Dano and Julianne Moore, who did a great job, but since it was a low-budget production, it was only shown in some theaters in the United States, and when it arrived in Mexico it went unnoticed; However, critics praised the performance of the Oscar winner by wild bull.

What is it about?

In Boston, the young writer Nick Flynn (Paul Dano) spends his free time working as a volunteer in a shelter that welcomes homeless people, while every day he gathers ideas for his book.

One day, unexpectedly, he meets a homeless man who turns out to be his father, Jonathan Flynn (Robert De Niro), a brilliant but troublesome man, with whom she had lost contact many years before.

While Nick tries to get closer to his father and tries to understand why he abandoned his mother, Jody Flynn (Julianne Moore), and when he was a child, he will get into a series of conflicts that will lead the young writer to lose the course of his life.

Nick will start drinking and taking drugs to “ease” his pain, since his mother committed suicide some years ago. Faced with this scenario, he will try to fix the relationship with his father in the meantime, even if that means losing everything.

Meeting Flynn (Being Flynn) is based on real events, since it is an adaptation of the book “Another fucking night in Suck City“which are the 2004 memoirs of the is an American writer, playwright and poet Nick Flynn.

The film had mixed opinions, since while some considered it slow, for other film critics it seemed deep, introspective and very thoughtful about the relationship between parents and children.

Similarly, the performance of Paul Dano and Robert From Niro They were formidable, so if you did not have the opportunity to see it before, take advantage of the few days that it has left in the catalog of HBO Max.

Article: Soure