Harry Styles stars in new ‘Eternals’ poster

It was just two weeks since the premiere of Eternals and in Marvel Studios they no longer have anything to hide. One of the great surprises of the feature film was the appearance of Harry Styles, who signed for him Marvel Cinematic Universe to play the very Eros (Starfox), brother of Thanos.

Obviously, being a surprise character who only had a brief appearance in the first post-credit scene, she did not appear in any pre-release promotional material. It is for this reason that Marvel has shared a new poster completely starring the british singer. And we better get used to seeing Harry Styles in the role of Eros, as he will surely have an important participation in future Marvel feature films.

As mentioned above, Eros is the brother of the Mad Titan, who was already a fundamental piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the Infinity Saga. “Meet the Royal Prince of Titan, brother of Thanos, the Rascal of Hearts, victor of Black Roger, the great adventurer Starfox“, mentions the producer in the publication of the poster.

Chloé Zhao always had Harry Styles in mind

Eros, what also part of the Eternals, first appeared in Marvel stories in Iron Man # 55, a comic published in 1973. Its creation was the responsibility of Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin. In addition to having superhuman strength and endurance, he boasts superior intelligence (he knows more than 50 languages) and is capable of controlling people’s emotions. In the future we will see how Marvel Studios exploits his abilities with the acting of Harry Styles.

Chloé Zhao, Director of Eternals, recently ruled on the participation of Harry Styles in the film. “When I went to pitch, I thought there was only one person who could play this role, and that was Harry Styles. I saw it in Dunkerque and I followed him. I thought it was very interesting visually. So for the post-credit sequence to exist, I needed a yes from Kevin and a yes from Harry, and luckily they both said yes, “he told IndieWire.

Unfortunately for those led by Kevin Feige, Eternals did not have the desired reception in the review. In fact, it became worst rated movie in Marvel history —On Rotten Tomatoes—, beating Thor, a dark world. Of course, there is a quite obvious contrast between the reception of the specialized press and that of the general public.

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Harry Styles stars in new ‘Eternals’ poster