Harrison Ford ready for ‘Indiana Jones’ after cycling 1,600km at 78: his routine

Harrison ford is one of the most acclaimed actors of Hollywood, and much of that credit is due to his film roles, such as ‘Indiana Jones’, Han Solo on ‘Star Wars’, Rick Deckard on ‘Blade Runner’ Y Dr. Kimble on ‘Fuggitive’, among others.

But the actor has also proven to be an adventurer outside the cameras, being a lover of sports like the tennis and the bike, and it is that despite having 78 years -will comply 79 on July 13-, it is preserved wonderfully.

Y, to prepare for his fifth film as ‘Indi’, which will arrive next year, Harrison Ford has decided to fulfill a project that he had in his head for a while, which is to get on his bike and do kilometers.

1,600 kilometers by bicycle, and with 78 years

The renowned actor decided travel 1,600 kilometers by bicycle, from the northern Mexico, in Tijuana, to Cabo San Luca, in Baja California, dividing their journey into different stages under the scorching desert sun. Total, did 80 hours of pedaling, a milestone, especially at his age. And it seems that he has been preparing while going up and down the hills of Los Angeles, where he has been seen on several occasions.

He was not alone on this trip, but also he was accompanied by about a dozen friends, among those who were two of his children and a grandson. In addition, several assistance cars followed.

What is your routine?

To be 78 years old and do 1,600 kilometers by bicycle, you have to maintain a good physical shape, that which you have maintained so much over the years to fulfill your professional jobs. To do this, Harrison Ford confessed in an interview on the show Ellen Degeneres what are your secrets to stay in good condition.

As for physical activity, the actor has admitted that he plays sports that he likes, and that he doesn’t spend a lot of time training. “The truth is that I am not one of those who spends hours training. I just ride my bike and play tennis“he began pointing.

Notably he is also passionate about flying, being a pilot of airplanes and helicopters for several years. In addition, he has repeatedly assisted authorities in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in times of emergency.

However, he does maintain a diet for which he has had to eliminate various foods. “That’s all. Like a lot of vegetables and fish. No dairy or meat“He added, confessing that” this diet seems really boring. “